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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I compare pricing & inventory for electronic components?
Enter a manufacturer part number (MPN) in the search bar to compare stock availability and prices from hundreds of global electronics distributors. You can find the search bar on our homepage and at the top of all other pages including our comparison search results, across the website.
Which electronic parts distributors do you work with?
At, we give users access to part data from over 140 distributors globally including Arrow, Avnet, Digi-Key, Farnell, Future, Mouser, RS and many other authorised distributors. Users are often able to order directly from the distributors web shop via our website, when clicking the 'Buy Now' links in the search results which direct you to checkout on their website.
Which electronic part manufacturers do you work with?
We list products from 5000+ manufacturers on, across a broad range of electronics categories including semiconductors, connectors, passives, electromechanical, LEDs, wire & cable, test and measurement, embedded computers and more. Some manufacturers include Analog Devices, TE Connectivity, Samtec, Traco Power, National Instruments, Arduino.
Can I upload a list of electronic parts I need to purchase from distributors?
Use our Bill of Materials (BoM) tool to upload or create a list of part numbers, to then quickly find inventory and pricing from the markets leading authorised distributors of electronic components. Supported file formats include .xls, .xlsm, .xlsx, .csv and .tsv. Once a parts list has been successfully uploaded, the tool will suggest the closest match and best priced distributor based on your entered quantity and part number.
How large is your electronic parts database? enables engineering and sourcing professionals to access to over 40 million unique parts, across multiple categories from global electronics distributors. Parts data is sent directly from distributors and manufacturers often on a daily basis but also in real-time via external APIs, to ensure data accuracy and transparency.
How do I buy electronic components using
Users purchase parts directly from the distributors who are listing on our website. To buy a product directly from a distributor listing on, simply click the green 'Buy Now' button on the far right of the search results table. This link will take you to the distributor's product page on their website to place the order online.
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