Building the Future of Smart Energy

The world is undergoing a significant shift towards renewable energy, and the first truly global energy crisis has ignited an unprecedented momentum for change, bringing the importance of sustainable solutions to the forefront. Find out how these technologies – from some of the world’s leading component suppliers – can transform your renewable energy solution. And let the Avnet Abacus experts guide you through any step of the design and production process or even build a single end-to-end solution from the ground up. The future of energy is smart energy!

Embrace smart energy with Avnet's trusted supplier partners

Smart Energy Trends

Advanced robotics

Solar panels require regular cleaning to operate efficiently, and maintaining giant wind turbines can be a time-consuming and dangerous task for humans. Enter the robots! In operation today, there are drones for inspecting wind and solar farms, robots for cleaning and maintenance, fully automated PV manufacturing, and robots for installing solar panels.

AI and automation

The intermittent nature of wind and solar power increases variability in the national supply. And with more energy storage distributed across the network, the grid is growing in complexity. With A.I and automation, the smart grid can monitor and control the infrastructure in real-time to optimise the use of resources and drive cost-efficiencies across the whole system.

High power conversion

Beyond generation, storage and consumption, the conversion of energy matters too. Inverters and power converters based on SiC and GaN technologies offer higher switching frequencies than their silicon counterparts. This, paired with ultra-low switching loss, allows for greater efficiency in energy conversion. It also increases energy density (so larger amounts of energy can be stored in smaller spaces) and higher power density (meaning larger batteries can be charged in shorter times).
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