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Embedded systems combine software and hardware to cater to a specific function within a larger system, such as electrical or mechanical systems. More specifically, such systems combine input and output devices, computer memory, and computer processor

These systems are microprocessor or microcontroller-based and divided into different components:

  • Application software
  • Hardware
  • Real Time Operating system (RTOS).

Embedded systems are used in a variety of industrial, medical, home appliances, telecommunication, military, commercial, and consumer applications. Some common examples of embedded systems include laser printers, mobile phones, digital cameras, TV sets, routers, telephone switches, video game consoles, and hybrid and electric vehicles.

Embedded systems were first utilized in 1960, when MIT’s Charles Stark Draper used it to develop the Apollo Guidance System. By 2030, the embedded market is expected to cost over $40 billion.

Development Kits

Embedded systems development kits or boards are essential in evaluating and developing embedded applications. More specifically, it helps with rapid development and prototyping of products. The kits are also useful for software and hardware development.

Educational & Engineering Software

Educational software are tools created for carrying out educational tasks. Embedded educational software helps make the learning process fun, interesting, and more effective. Most use multimedia content and encourage a higher level of interactivity by embedding interactive activities like maps.

On the other hand, engineering software is all about working with non-computer systems or devices and integrating them to create embedded systems. Embedded software engineers are trained to use a variety of OS, microprocessors, and programming tools.

Single-Board Computers (SBCs)

SBCs may be built on just one circuit board, but they are full and complete. They have input and output peripherals, memory, and microprocessors. Single-board computers are used for a wide range of functions, such as for embedded computer controllers. Embedded SBCs are common in industrial applications, specifically because they are built to survive harsh environments and can efficiently operate even when exposed to extreme temperatures. Embedded single-board computers are encased in a self-contained box.

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