AVTSE-RPI-IIOTG IoT kit by Avnet Engineering Services


The AVTSE-RPI-IIOTG is an IoT (Internet of Things) solution kit that sits within our range of embedded development kits, and it comes to us from Avnet Engineering Services. It sets the tone for what IoT kits of this nature can offer and the opportunities this will offer in the future.

Here are five reasons why the AVTSE-RPI-IIOTG is one to keep an eye on.

1. HDMI output

The AVTSE-RPI-IIOTG provides a clear-cut picture through a full HD video processing output. This means that its output is 1080p, making it the clearest high-definition output outside of 4K and upwards.

What makes this special?

Visual elements are becoming a big part of futuristic technology and it's imperative to have the clearest pictures possible, and that is evident from this item allowing for full HD. It means that all video processing will be fully visible and leaving no inch unturned on the video's screen pictures.

2. Multiple mounting options

The AVTSE-RPI-IIOTG can be mounted in several ways. It can be mounted on a DIN rail, it can be mounted directly onto a wall or a panel, or it can even be used as a free-standing device.

What makes this special?

This demonstrates the versatility of the AVTSE-RPI-IIOTG by allowing for it to be used in a variety of forms and embedded systems. This will also be beneficial during the process of video processing since it doesn't have to be in one static position.

3. Strong connectivity

The AVTSE-RPI-IIOTG connects seamlessly to Wi-Fi systems of up to 2.4GHz in power, as well as being able to adapt to a Bluetooth connection.

What makes this special?

Again, this enhances the point of AVTSE-RPI-IIOTG being versatile. Because of its connectivity capabilities, it’s IoT-friendly as it makes it connect online within seconds and to a Wi-Fi system that has high speed and efficiency.

4. Strong temperature range

The AVTSE-RPI-IIOTG can function within a large range of temperature conditions, going from the minimum of -20°C to the maximum of 70°C.

What makes this special?

Having a total temperature range of 90°C is crucial for allowing this kit to operate within both hot and cold environments, which is crucial for IoT as geographical location whether harsh shouldn’t be a limiting factor in modern-day product development.

5. Limited quantity

Part of the reason why the AVTSE-RPI-IIOTG is so valuable is that it can be tricky to get hold of, and is it being available through our electronic parts suppliers search engine price comparison website in limited numbers.

What makes this special?

The product is available from only one distributor and because of this, it sells out very quickly because of its popularity.
You can purchase the AVTSE-RPI-IIOTG IoT solution kit from OEM Secrets today by visiting https://www.oemsecrets.com/details/avtse-rpi-iiotg.

Author: Mark Armstrong
Published: December 6, 2021