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Oemsecrets.com is a free to use search engine and comparison website for electronics parts and components. Users can enter a manufacturer part number to compare stock availability and prices from hundreds of global electronics distributors.

As well as comparing accurate pricing break and inventory availability information from distributors to help make quicker purchasing decisions, we also display part information including specifications, datasheets, CAD Models, images and much more for electronics engineers looking for more technical component data.

We aim to help buyers quickly identify which distributors have the most stock at the best price. Upon entering a quantity, we work out the total cost of a part by comparing each distributors price break information. To help save valuable time and provide a more accurate part comparison, we also compare distributor minimum order quantities (MOQ) and lead times, with the option of filtering results to only display your desired quantity or stock matches.

Purchases can then be quickly made directly with distributors using the buy now links, often to your country specific distributor web shop.

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  • Free to compare parts
  • No subscription or login required to search
  • Listing over 30 million parts
  • Up to date pricing and stock data
  • Specifications, CAD Models, datasheets, images and more

BOM Sourcing Tool

Use the Bill of Materials tool to upload or create a list of part numbers to then quickly find inventory and pricing from the markets leading distributors of electronic components. Once created, the tool will suggest the closest match and best priced distributor based on your entered quantity.

  • No login required and free to use
  • Upload your parts list to find the distributors with the best price
  • Add multiple parts to a distributor's cart with a single click

API Services

Use our Part Search API to find electronics distributor data by manufacturer part number. Find electronic part details and data using a full or partial part number including pricing, inventory, datasheets, specs and compliance. Gain access to our data using our API containing over 30 million parts and components from thousands of manufacturers.

The oemsecrets.com electronic component API gives users access to part data from distributors including Digikey, Farnell, RS, Arrow, Mouser, Avnet, Future and many more. The API can help manufacturers source parts, pricing, inventory and specifications for projects including bill of materials management, custom design tools, integration into CRM or ERP software etc. Contact us for more information and documentation today, to gain access to millions of electronics parts data.

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