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Electronic Components

Compare component availability from leading distributors and manufacturers in the electronics market.


Live price comparison helps you to find the cheapest prices of electronic parts on the web.


Datasheets and part images from suppliers are easy to view to give you a better understanding of the products you are purchasing.

OEMSecrets Features

Price comparison to help you find the cheapest price.

Quantity filter to find you the total cost of the part.

Quick datasheet downloads to confirm part specs.

Order with ease with our add to basket 'buy now' buttons.

Line by line comparison results dedicated to saving you time.

Part images available for visual verification before ordering.

Quick-find supplier navigation to find favourites.

Currency conversions, your zone your currency.

Finding you the best electronic component prices..

We are proud to have launched the first price comparison shopping site in the electronics distribution industry. We are committed to saving you time and money when buying electronic components online. Our philosophy is about giving value to buyers, so we regularly work on exclusive offers and discount codes from distributors for our customers to use when placing orders through OEMsecrets. Sign up for our newsletter to receive our latest coupon codes and offers.

A bit about us..

We've come a long way since starting out in 2010. Based in the UK, after continuous site developments we launched the first price comparison site in the electronics market. Over the years we have created a safe market place for buyers to search, compare and buy electronic components online. By safe, we mean all inventory listed on the site is in-stock.

Thousands of buyers now compare electronic component prices and order online every day on We are working with hundreds of electronics distributors and manufacturers direct, listing over 20 million lines of electronic parts within the electronic components supply network. Ordering is made easy as buyers are sent directly into the distributors or manufacturers shopping basket ready for a swift purchase.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q Is there a login, subscription or fee required to search for parts?

A There is no login, subscription or membership required to search, compare and buy electronic parts on OEMsecrets, it is 100% free

Q How do I buy and place orders with distributors?

A You can order from distributors by clicking the green 'buy now' buttons once you've searched for your part, which takes you directly into the distributors shopping basket ready to order.

Q How do I use the discount and promotional codes exclusive to OEMsecrets?

A After you've clicked on the 'buy now' button, simply enter the coupon code at checkout on the distributors website to apply your discount.

Q Are there any available parts listed on

A All inventory listed on the site is in-stock only, we strictly do not list any available parts. We carry out regular quality checks to control this.

Q I'd like to advertise on your website, how can I get started?

A Email with your request, one of our team will be in touch with all the information required to get started.

Q Are there any costs involved in listing my stock on the website?

A Yes, all distributors and manufacturers pay to advertise their inventory on

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