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ATGBICS® stands as a prominent global brand within the realm of compatible optical network connectivity products. Specializing in compatible optical transceivers and fibre cabling, the company's registered brand and website are under the complete ownership of Approved Technology Ltd. With a worldwide delivery scope originating from the UK, the company has maintained this global presence since its inception in 2008.

The company's adept partner led team, has been consistently delivering resilient and fully compliant solutions across the spectrum of optical technology, spanning from contemporary systems to legacy technology. This enterprise offers a comprehensive range of compatible optical transceivers tailored for over 120 vendors, boasting a lifetime warranty and a steadfast compatibility guarantee.

The manufacturing process for all products adheres strictly to network equipment manufacturer specifications, utilizing only the finest quality components. The company prides itself on presenting risk-free purchasing opportunities, made possible through their thoroughly tested and uniquely serialized product offerings.

In addition to meeting the stringent demands of quality and reliability set forth by their customers, the company's compatible solutions are marked by substantial cost savings when compared to OEM pricing. To streamline the network connectivity procurement process, the company augments its core product range with complementary offerings, including dedicated fibre cable solutions for each optical transceiver.

The backbone of their operation lies in their resellers and strategic industrial partners. Operating with a partner-centric ethos, the company recognizes that its own success is intricately linked to the success of its partners. Thus, their every endeavour is underpinned by a resolute commitment to delivering unparalleled service and support to their esteemed clientele.

At its core, the company's website serves the primary purpose of showcasing the comprehensive range of ATGBICS® branded products, simultaneously highlighting the suite of services tailored specifically for their strategic clients.

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