1N4148WS small signal diode

The 1N4148WS is a small signal diode that comes to OEM Secrets courtesy of the development team at Multicomp. Amongst our wide variety of semiconductor products, this particular diode stands out, and it delivers in a way that competing products are unable to.

In this article, we explain just five of the reasons why the 1N4148WS small signal diode is a product worth having in stock for your upcoming project. 

1. Single Diode

Diodes can be bought in one of two ways: as a single diode, or as a two-diode model. However, single diodes are more common, and the 1N4148WS is one such example of this.

What makes this special?

A single diode is simpler to operate and allows for greater accuracy since it can only conduct in one way. Therefore, it ensures straightforward usage, as well as establishing stronger connectivity.

2. Critical machinery

Small signal diodes such as the 1N4148WS are used in all sorts of machines that we use on a daily basis. Amongst these are switches, signal mixers, signal modulators, voltage regulators as well as signal demodulators, rectifiers, and oscillators.

What makes this special?

Not only does it allow for this diode to be used in so many ways, but it demonstrates how important a diode can be. Therefore, you can get a lot of value from using the 1N4148WS, especially when purchased in bulk.

3. Miniature size

The 1N4148WS is very small in size and stature. This allows for it to be inserted into a large range of appliances with minimal fuss and while taking up minimal space.

What makes this special?

This ensures that the performance of the appliance in question isn't compromised and is instead assisted by the 1N4148WS due to its low scale. It also allows other tools within the machine to continue working unabated. Product designers love small components as they wouldn't compromise on the aesthetic look of the final product since miniature parts tend to fit better on embedded systems.   

4. Many distributors

Because of the value of the 1N4148WS, there is no shortage of distributors that we work with from whom this diode is available. These include Mouser Electronics, Arrow China, RS Components UK, Future Electronics, Farnell and Arrow Electronics.

What makes this special?

This gives the customer plenty of choice about where to buy and how much to buy it for. However, it also demonstrates how good the diode is that so many big distributor brands have it up for sale.

5. Low cost

Though the 1N4148WS is highly sought-after based on the previous point, it's actually incredibly affordable. Indeed, you can purchase a break for just 12 pence from any of the distributors listed on our website right now with real-time pricing and inventory information.  

What makes this special?

To ensure the widespread usage of this small signal diode, it helps to be able to afford many breaks. This, in turn, allows for a larger overall connection, thus boosting power and performance.

1N4148WS Technical Specifications

More information about the 1N4148WS diode can be found in the datasheet provided by Multicomp including maximum ratings, power dissipation, junction temperature, and other characteristic features like its forward voltage and leakage current data levels.  

Want to know more? You can learn everything else that you wish to know about this product and also can purchase the 1N4148WS small signal diode from OEM Secrets today by visiting https://www.oemsecrets.com/details/1n4148ws.

Author: Mark Armstrong
Published: December 6, 2021