Generating reference voltages can be costly, but the LM285D-1-2 offers an affordable solution with its 1-2% initial tolerance. This low-power voltage reference provides a stable output voltage of 1.2 volts, making it ideal for low-power designs.

Improved Version of an Industry Standard

The LM285D-1-2 is an enhanced version of a widely used industry standard, available from multiple second sources. It functions similarly to an improved zener diode, as depicted in the schematics. The component offers improved output stability, which is influenced by the current flowing through it. To ensure voltage regulation and prevent unpredictable behavior, it is crucial to maintain the minimal permitted current. For enhanced accuracy, combining the LM285D-1-2 with an LM334 source can minimize variations in the Zener current at a moderate cost. Additionally, stability can be increased by incorporating an op-amp buffer, particularly when the current draw varies significantly. However, careful evaluation of the design is essential considering the accuracy impacts of the operational amplifier.

LM285D-1-2 – a low power voltage reference

Understanding the Model Family

The LM285 series encompasses various variants. The LM285D-1-2, a SOIC version, is RoHS certified and comes in a quantity of 75. It operates within an industrial temperature range of -40 to +85 degrees Celsius. For applications requiring adjustable voltage references, the LM285-ADJ is a cost-effective alternative. By utilizing a group of resistors, the output voltage can be set, although the selection of resistors should account for temperature and aging-related drifts. The LM285-ADJ datasheet provides comprehensive information and example schematics applicable to both fixed and adjustable variants. It is highly recommended for users of the LM285 family. Furthermore, alternative versions with preset voltages are available, eliminating the need for an external divider and offering added convenience.

Understanding the Model Family

Price Analysis and Availability

A comprehensive scan on OEMSecrets reveals that the LM285 series, including the LM285D-1-2, is readily available from various electronics distributors. In quantities of one hundred, the LM285D-1-2 is priced at approximately 80 Euro cents, making it an accessible option for many applications (Price correct as of the date of publication).


When a cost-effective and easily deployable 1.2V voltage reference is required, the LM285D-1-2 is an excellent choice. While its initial accuracy may not be exceptionally high, its stability makes it suitable for software calibration-based systems. By leveraging the LM285 series, designers can benefit from affordable and reliable voltage references in their circuits.