In this article, we are going to shine the spotlight on the ILD217T optocoupler product. This is a part that comes courtesy of the well-renowned Vishay Intertechnology. And the distributors of this product on oemsecrets include such organisations as Mouser Electronics UK, RS Electronics UK and Future Electronics. So, if you are thinking of buying this optocoupler thorough our website here at oemsecrets, then keep reading for more details about this high quality electronic component by Vishay. 


The ILD217T optocoupler are optically coupled pairs with a gallium arsenide infrared LED and a silicon NPN phototransistor. They transmit signal information whilst maintaining a high degree of electrical isolation between output and input. The high BVCEO of 70V gives a higher safety margin compared to the usual industry standard of 30V. And the ILD217T sets the industry standard for optocoupler performance, quality and longevity.

ILD217T Technical Specifications

The ILD217T optocoupler is a two-channel coupler. It has a SOIC-8 surface mountable package and a standard lead spacing of 0.05’. It is available only on a tape and reel option, which conforms to EIA standard 481-2. In addition, the product has an isolation test voltage of 4000 VRMS, and it is compatible with dual wave, vapor phase and IR reflow soldiering.

Other Technical Notes

As well as the technical specifications outlined above, the ILD217T comes in a standard SOIC-8 small outline package for surface mounting which makes it ideally suited for high density applications with limited space. In addition to eliminating through-holes requirements, this package conforms to the standards for surface mounted devices. The high BVCEO of 70V gives a higher safety margin compared to the industry standard of 30V. This product is an ideal and inexpensive purchase and, as previously detailed, it has been manufactured so that it is the safest possible. So, there is no compromise on safety or on quality when it comes to the ILD217T optocoupler. And therefore it is worth considering in investing in this product. 

Why You Need The ILD217T 

The ILD217T is the very best optocoupler that you will find when it comes to the total package. This covers the likes of first-class performance, strong design quality, miniature size, affordable cost and versatility for usage. It has an extremely high safety margin, ensuring that you will not only have the best product but also the safest when it comes to optocouplers. It isn’t enough to simply have an optocoupler; you should pick the one that performs to the highest level. And that’s what you will get when it comes to the ILD217T.

Pricing And Availability

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