This article will highlight all the primary benefits and the main technical specifications pertaining to the AQY221R2S relay. This is a product that is manufactured by the globally recognised Panasonic, which adds a real sense of legacy and credibility to its usage. The item is available through oemsecrets, with the distributors selling the item via our website including the likes of Mouser Electronics UK, RS Electronics UK, and Future Electronics. As for why this is such a must-have relay for OEM designing product. Simply read on to find out everything that you need to know.

AQY221R2S relay by Panasonic
AQY221R2S Relay by Panasonic


The AQY221R2S relay is a collection of electrically operated switches that open and close the circuits by receiving electrical signals from outside sources. They receive an electrical signal and send the signal to other equipment by turning the switch on and off. This is imperative so that a machine not only operates to deliver the flow of electrical current, but also to ensure that it doesn’t become overpowered and overheat. Hence why this is an important item to own, and one that you should definitely purchasing if you have a range of electrical devices for your office or home.

AQY221R2S Technical Specifications

The AQY221R2S relay has both low on-resistance (R Type) and low capacitance (C Type) available at excellent characteristics of CxR10. Along with this, it also has high speed switching, with a turn on time of approximately 0.03ms as well as the same turn off time. The product also has a small profile, of miniature SOP4-pin, and low-level off state leakage current of typ. 0.01nA.

Other Notes

As well as the low-on resistance, low capacitance, high speed switching, small profile and low-level off state leakage current, the AQY221R2S is RoHS compliant, making it an ideal option for anyone who might be looking for this kind of product. 

Why You Need The AQY221R2S

The AQY221RS relay is the very best relay that you will find when it comes to a total package. This covers the likes of quality and performance, strong design quality, size, affordable cost and versatility for usage. Whilst we may not all be familiar with this product, so many of the electrical machines we use on a regular basis rely on this to function. Therefore, whether we may have been aware of it or not, this product is ideal for a lot of the things we do and use regularly, so it is a worthy (and not costly) investment. It isn’t enough to have any relay; you should choose the one that will perform to its highest level. And that’s what you are going to get when it comes to the AQY221RS relay.

Pricing And Availability

The smallest break price that you can find on oemsecrets right now for the AQY221R2S relay is £3.64 thanks to Future Electronics. If you want further information about this Panasonic relay product or a quote from one of the listed authorised distributors, you can visit and compare inventory and pricing, and save your business money and time.

Author: Mark Armstrong
Published: September 1, 2021