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Status: Active
Series: ATSAM3X8E
RoHS: Compliant
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Based on the ARM® Cortex®-M3 processor, the Microchip's SAM3X8E runs at 84MHz and features 512KB of flash memory in 2 x 256KB banks and 100KB of SRAM in 64KB +32KB banks, with an additional 4KB as NFC (NAND Flash controller) SRAM.

Its highly-integrated peripheral set for connectivity and communication includes Ethernet, dual CAN, High Speed USB MiniHost and device with on-chip PHY, high-speed SD/SDIO/MMC, and multiple USARTs, SPIs, TWIs (I2C), and one I2S.

The SAM3X8E also features a 12-bit ADC/DAC, temperature sensor, 32-bit timers, PWM timer and RTC. The 16-bit external bus interface supports SRAM, PSRAM, NOR and NAND Flash with error code correction.

The Microchip QTouch Library is available for the SAM3X8E for easy implementation of buttons, sliders and wheels.

The device operates from 1.62V to 3.6V and is available in 144-pin QFP and BGA packages.

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ARM Cortex-M3 revision 2.0 running at up to 84 MHz
Memory Protection Unit (MPU)
24-bit SysTick Counter
Thumb®-2 instruction set
Nested Vector Interrupt Controller
2 x 256Kbytes embedded Flash, 128-bit wide access, memory accelerator, dual bank
100(64+32) Kbytes embedded SRAM with dual banks
16 Kbytes ROM with embedded bootloader routines (UART, USB) and IAP routines
Static Memory Controller (SMC): SRAM, NOR, NAND support.
NAND Flash controller with 4 Kbytes RAM buffer and ECC
External Bus Interface - 16 bits, 8 chip selects, 23-bit address
Embedded voltage regulator for single-supply operation
POR, BOD and Watchdog for safe reset
Quartz or resonator oscillators: 3 to 20 MHz main and optional low power 32.768 kHz for RTC or device clock
High precision 8/12 MHz factory trimmed internal RC oscillator with 4 MHz Default Frequency for fast device startup
Slow Clock Internal RC oscillator as permanent clock for device clock in low power mode
One PLL for device clock and one dedicated PLL for USB 2.0 High Speed Mini Host/Device
Temperature Sensor
17 peripheral DMA (PDC) channels and 6-channel central DMA plus dedicated DMA for High-Speed USB Mini Host/Device and Ethernet MAC
Sleep, Wait and Backup modes, down to 2.5 μA in Backup mode with RTC, RTT, and GPBR
144-lead LQFP – 20 x 20 mm, pitch 0.5 mm
144-ball LFBGA – 10 x 10 mm, pitch 0.8 mm
Industrial (-40° C to +85° C)
USB 2.0 Device/Mini Host: 480 Mbps, 4 Kbyte FIFO, up to 10 bidirectional Endpoints, dedicated DMA
4 USARTs (ISO7816, IrDA®, Flow Control, SPI, Manchester and LIN support) and one UART
2 TWI (I2C compatible), up to 6 SPIs, 1 SSC (I2S), 1 HSMCI (SDIO/SD/MMC) with up to 2 slots
9-channel 32-bit Timer Counter (TC) for capture, compare and PWM mode, Quadrature Decoder Logic and 2-bit Gray Up/Down Counter for Stepper Motor
32-bit low-power Real-time Timer (RTT) and low-power Real-time Clock (RTC) with calendar and alarm features
256-bit General Purpose Backup Registers (GPBR)
Ethernet MAC 10/100 (EMAC - MII/RMII) with dedicated DMA
2 CAN Controllers with 8 Mailboxes
True Random Number Generator (TRNG)
103 I/O lines with external interrupt capability (edge or level sensitivity), debouncing, glitch filtering and on-die Series Resistor Termination
Six 32-bit Parallel Input/Output Controllers
16-channel 12-bit 1 msps ADC with differential input mode and programmable gain stage
2-channel 12-bit 1 msps DAC
Serial Wire/JTAG Debug Port(SWJ-DP)
Debug access to all memories and registers in the system, including Cortex-M4 register bank when the core is running, halted, or held in reset.
Serial Wire Debug Port (SW-DP) and Serial Wire JTAG Debug Port (SWJ-DP) debug access.
Flash Patch and Breakpoint (FPB) unit for implementing breakpoints and code patches.
Data Watchpoint and Trace (DWT) unit for implementing watchpoints, data tracing, and system profiling.
Instrumentation Trace Macrocell (ITM) for support of printf style debugging.
IEEE1149.1 JTAG Boundary-scan on all digital pins.
ASF-Atmel software Framework – SAM software development framework
Integrated in the Atmel Studio IDE with a graphical user interface or available as standalone for GCC, IAR compilers.
DMA support, Interrupt handlers Driver support
USB, TCP/IP, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, Numerous USB classes, DHCP and Wi-Fi encryption Stacks
RTOS integration, FreeRTOS is a core component


Part Family ATSAM3X8E
CPU Type Cortex-M3
MaxSpeed (MHz) 84
Program Memory Size (KB) 512
SRAM (KB) 96
Data EEPROM (bytes) 0
Temp. Range Min. -40
Temp. Range Max. 85
Operation Voltage Min.(V) 1.62
Operation Voltage Max.(V) 3.6
Direct Memory Access (DMA) Channels 23
SPI™ 4
I2C 2
I2S 1
Ethernet 10/100 Base-TX Mac
Quadrature Encoder Interface (QEI) 2
Crypto Engine No
Number of USB Modules 1
USB Interface High Speed
Number of CAN Modules 2
Type of CAN module None
ADC Channels 16
Max ADC Resolution (bits) 12
Max ADC Sampling Rate (ksps) 1000
Number of DACs 1
Input Capture 6
Standalone Output Compare/ Standard PWM 0
Motor Control PWM Channels 0
Max 16 Bit Digital Timers 0
Number of Comparators 0
Internal Oscillator 4,8,12Mhz,32Khz
Hardware RTCC Yes
Max I/O Pins 103
Pin Count 144
Low Power No
Pins | Packaging 144 | LQFP
Temp Range -40C to +85C
Packing Media Tray (60)


Application Notes
AN_6327 - AT91-AN01: Using the Two-wire interface (TWI) in Master Mode on AT91SAM Microcontrollers
AN_42279 - AT06864: SAM3/4C/4CM/4CP/4E/4N/4S/G Reset Controller (RSTC) Driver
AN_42128 - AT02346: Using the MPU on Cortex-M3 / Cortex-M4 based Microcontrollers
AN_42141 - AT02333: Safe and Secure Bootloader Implementation for SAM3/4
AN_6349 - AT91-AN02: Signal Integrity and AT91 Products
AN_11098 - Modbus Slave Stack for the Family of SAM3 Microcontrollers
AN_11106 - Analog-to-Digital Converter in the SAM3S4
AN_42284 - AT07337: SAM4 Real-Time Clock (RTC)
AN_42299 - AT07896: Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transceiver (UART)
AN_42316 - AT08642: SAM3A/3N/3S/3U/3X/4E/4N/4S/G Peripheral DMA Controller (PDC) Driver
AN_42318 - AT08220: Universal Synchronous Asynchronous Receiver Transceiver (USART)
AN_42298 - AT06860: SAM3/4S/4C Analog-to-digital Converter (ADC)
AN_42291 - AT07892: SAM3A/3U/3X/4E DMA Controller (DMAC) Driver
AN_42293 - AT07900: SAM4 Digital-to-Analog Converter Controller (DACC)
AN_42706 - AT11483: Quadrature Decoder (QDEC) for SAM3/4 Devices
AN_42294 - AT07906: SAM4 Pulse Width Modulation Controller (PWM)
AN_42476 - AT04155: SAM4L USB Host MSC Bootloader with Optional AES
AN_6229 - Using the Serial Peripheral Interface with AT91SAMxx Devices
AN_42187 - AT03462: ATSAM3X and ATSAM3A Series - Checklist
AN_42204 - AT03289: SAM4L Low Power Design with FreeRTOS
AN_42382 - AT04056: Getting Started with FreeRTOS on SAM Flash MCUs
AN_42209 - AT03197: Thermostat with Touch and Wireless Connectivity - Hardware User`s Guide
AN_42501 - AT11489: Low Power Techniques for SMART ARM MCUs
AN_32199 - AT2200: ZigBee to Ethernet and Wi-Fi Gateway with SAM3X - Hardware User`s Guide
AN_11154 - NAND Flash Support on SAM3X Microcontrollers
AN_11153 - How to connect an Ethernet PHY to SAM3X
AN_42336 - AT09331: ASF USB Stack Manual
AN2468 - Production Programming of Microchip AVR and SAM Microcontrollers
AN_42165 - AT02744: Lightweight Mesh to Ethernet Gateway with SAM3X - Software User`s Guide
AN_2669 - Interfacing a 4x4 Keyboard to an AT91 Microcontroller
AN_2682 - Pulse Width Modulation Generation Using the AT91 Timer/Counter
AN2466 - Using Atmel-ICE for AVR Programming In Mass Production

Legacy Collaterals
Beyond the IDE
AN_42319 - AT06861: SAM Supply Controller (SUPC)
AN_42282 - AT07336: Common Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) Driver
AN_42438 - AT09423: SAM-BA Overview and Customization Process
AN_42344 - AT09339: USB Host Interface (UHI) for Mass Storage Class (MSC)
AN_42346 - AT09341: USB Host Interface (UHI) for Vendor Class Device
AN_42338 - AT09333: USB Host Interface (UHI) for Communication Class Device (CDC)
AN_42342 - AT09337: USB Host Interface (UHI) for Human Interface Device Mouse (HID Mouse)
AN_42337 - AT09332: USB Device Interface (UDI) for Communication Class Device (CDC)
AN_42345 - AT09340: USB Device Interface (UDI) for Vendor Class Device
AN_42339 - AT09334: USB Device Interface (UDI) for Human Interface Device Generic (HID Generic)
AN_42370 - AT08569: Optimizing ASF Code Size to Minimize Flash and RAM Usage
AN_42341 - AT09336: USB Device Interface (UDI) for Human Interface Device Mouse (HID Mouse)
AN_42343 - AT09338: USB Device Interface (UDI) for Mass Storage Class (MSC)
AN_42340 - AT09335: USB Device Interface (UDI) for Human Interface Device Keyboard (HID Keyboard)
AN_42728 - AT15004:Using SAM-BA for Linux on SAM Devices
Microprocessor or Microcontroller
Computers that You Wear Help Your Work and Play
Designing Feature-Rich User Interfaces for Home and Industrial Controllers

Environmental Information

JEDEC Indicator e3
ROHS Compliant
China EFUP Compliant
Device Weight (g) 1.3928
Shipping Weight (kg) 7.833333
Lead Count 144
Package Type LQFP
Package Width or Size 20x20x1.4mm
Soldering Composition Matte Tin

Alternative Descriptions

MCU,SAM3X8C,84MHz,512KB Flash,LQFP144 | RS
Mcu, 32Bit, Cortex-M3, 84Mhz, Lqfp-144 | Newark Electronics
MCU, 32BIT, CORTEX-M3, 84MHZ, LQFP-144 | element14
SAM3X Series 512 kB Flash 96 kB SRAM 84 MHz 32-Bit Microcontroller - LQFP-144 | Future Electronics
MC 32bit 1,62V 2x256kB Flash 84MHz LQFP1 | Schukat Electronic
Microchip ARM SAM Microcontroller ARM 84MHz 512KB / 64KB LQFP-144 512KB LQFP | Distrelec
IC: ARM microcontroller | Transfer Multisort Elektronik
MCU 32-bit AT91SAM ARM Cortex M3 RISC 512KB Flash 144-Pin LQFP | EBV Elektronik
QFP144,GREEN, IND TEMP, MRLA | Microchip Technology
MCU, QFP144, green, IND TEMP, MRLA, ARM-based flash, 24-bit SysTick Counter | Microchip Technology Inc. ATSAM3X8EA-AU | RS Americas

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Where can I find additional details, specifications and documents for a ATSAM3X8EA-AU?

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Is the ATSAM3X8EA-AU RoHS compliant?

Yes. This part has been flagged as RoHS Compliant by Microchip Technology.

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Authorised distributors including RS, Newark Electronics, element14, Farnell and Future Electronics have stock available or on a lead time for ATSAM3X8EA-AU.

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