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3.3V Differential LVPECL-to-LVTTL Translator
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The SY100EPT21L is a single, differential LVPECLto-LVTTL translator using a single +3.3V power supply. Because low voltage positive ECL (LVPECL) levels are used, only +3.3V and ground are required. The small outline 8-pin SOIC package and low-skew, single-gate design make the EPT21L ideal for applications that require the translation of a clock or data signal where minimal space, low power, and low cost are critical. VBB allows a differential, single-ended, or AC-coupled interface to the device. If used, the VBB output should be bypassed to VCC with 0.01µF capacitor. Under open input conditions, the /D will be biased at a VCC/2 voltage level and the D input will be pulled to ground. This condition will force the Q output low to provide added stability. The 100EPT is compatible with positive ECL 100K logic levels. For applications that require the smallest footprint, consider the SY89321L in an ultra-small (2mm × 2mm) 8-pin MLF™ package. All support documentation can be found on Micrel’s web site at:

Alternate Descriptions

Avnet America


Microchip Technology Inc

3.3V Differential LVPECL-to-LVTTL Translator

Future Electronics

SY100EPT21 Series 3.3 V Differential LVPECL To LVTTL Translator - MSOP-8