The RL822-3R3K-RC inductor is a well-known and widely used barrel inductor that was originally introduced by J.W. Miller and continues to be produced seamlessly after its acquisition by Bourns. This classic inductor is specifically designed to serve as a storage inductor for switching regulators and can be easily replaced by a higher-frequency certified successor model.

Featuring a shrink-wrap tubing for protection, the RL822-3R3K-RC offers an inductance of 3.3uH with an accuracy of +/- 10 percent. It is equipped with two through-hole pins spaced 5mm apart, which not only increases the cost of printed circuit board assembly but also provides enhanced vibration resistance, making it a reliable choice.


While the RL822-3R3K-RC complies with ROHS regulations, it's important to note that the inductance qualification measurement frequency specified in its datasheet is relatively low at 1 KHz. Considering the prevalence of 1 MHz switching regulator ICs in the market, this measurement frequency may be insufficient for certain applications.

RL822-3R3K-RC electrical specifications

Comparing RL822-3R3K-RC with RLB0913-3R3K

Bourns recommends transitioning to the RLB series for new designs instead of using the RL822-3R3K-RC. The RLB series offers a 3.3uH inductor in the same form factor. A careful examination of the datasheets for both components reveals significant differences. The newer RLB0913-3R3K model boasts a higher DC saturation current, making it suitable for demanding applications. Moreover, the measurement frequency for the stated inductance has been increased significantly in the newer version, addressing the needs of modern and fast-switching regulators. Additionally, the RLB0913-3R3K is shipped in trays, facilitating robotic assembly and streamlining the manufacturing process.

Availability of RL822-3R3K-RC and RLB0913-3R3K

Despite the recommendation to use the RLB series for new designs, the RL822-3R3K-RC remains readily available from major catalog distributors, with ample stock that is regularly replenished. The price for a quantity of 100 inductors is approximately 60 euro cents. On the other hand, the more advanced RLB0913-3R3K, which offers similar availability, is significantly cheaper, with a cost of around 0.35 euro cents per piece for a quantity of 100 inductors (Price correct as of the date of publication).


While the RL822-3R3K-RC can be confidently used for low-frequency switching regulators requiring a 3.3uH inductor, it is prudent to consider evaluating its successor model. The RLB0913-3R3K not only comes at a more affordable price but also exhibits better-defined high-frequency behavior, making it an attractive option for many applications. Careful consideration of the specific requirements and cost-effectiveness will help engineers make an informed decision when selecting the appropriate barrel inductor for their designs.