When you need to make a process with a voltage range of -20V to 20V user-observable, the addition of a panel meter can prove to be an affordable and efficient solution. Enter Murata, renowned for its MLCC capacitors and wireless modules, with an entire product family dedicated to this task.

Murata DMS-20LCD-2-5-C –3.5 digit panel voltmeter

Compact and User-Friendly Design

Murata's DMS20 family consists of plug-in mini voltmeters, housed in a convenient 12-pin DIP package measuring just 1.38” x 0.88” x 0.43”. These benign and simple-to-use voltmeters feature a 3.5-inch LCD display, reminiscent of classic digital multimeters, ensuring easy readability. With a sampling speed of 2.5 readings per second and a worst-case error of +/- three counts, you can trust in the accuracy of your measurements.

datasheet reading of Murata DMS-20LCD-2-5-C

Customize Your Voltmeter

The DMS20 family offers designers an array of configuration options to tailor the voltmeter precisely to your application. The crucial selection revolves around the voltage range, determining what voltage will lead to a full-scale "deflection" of the analog-to-digital converter (ADC). Another parameter dictates whether 5V or 9V of input power will be used, also influencing the allowed measurement topologies. If desired, an optional backlight can be specified for enhanced visibility.

optional backlight on Murata DMS-20LCD-2-5-C

Flexible Measurement Topologies

Interestingly, the power supply input range selection also impacts the permitted measurement topologies. Single-ended measurements are exclusively available with the 5V unit, while the 9V unit is limited to differential measurements. With a high input impedance of at least 800kOhm for all models, shunting operations are possible, making it seamless to convert a 4 – 20 mA current output to meaningful values, particularly when calibrating the "steepness" of the conversion curve with a rheostat.

Flexible Measurement Topologies

Effortless Connections and Overvoltage Protection

Connecting directly to the input terminals is typically hassle-free. Murata provides comprehensive overvoltage protection in the datasheet, eliminating the need for external zener circuits to safeguard the meter from potential damage.

Consider Availability and Model Selection

Despite its outstanding features, the availability of the DMS-20LCD-2-5-C by Murata can be challenging, with widespread listings but limited stock at major distributors. While prices for individual units tend to hover around the 30EUR range, be prepared for lead times of at least 36 weeks(Price correct as per date of publication). Alternatively, exploring similar units like the DMS-20LCD-1-5-C might yield better availability.


For making industrial or scientific processes user-monitorable, the Murata Power Systems DMS20 series is an ideal, user-friendly choice. Consulting the datasheet beforehand will aid in selecting the perfect model, significantly reducing the need for support circuitry during voltmeter integration. Embrace the versatility and convenience of the Murata DMS-20LCD-2-5-C, elevating your voltage monitoring tasks to new heights of accuracy and efficiency.