ESD protection is not only crucial for regulatory compliance but also for ensuring reliable system performance. The ESD8704MUTAG by ONSemi is a specialized ESD protection diode designed to safeguard vulnerable signals, preventing malfunctions and ensuring client satisfaction while minimizing legal liability.

Simplified Schematic and Efficient Layout

At its core, the ESD8704MUTAG consists of four diodes connected in parallel, as depicted in the figure. The common ground connection streamlines PCB layout by reducing the number of ground vias required.

ESD8704MUTAG Pin configuration and schematic

Beyond the Ordinary Diode

Unlike traditional diodes, the ESD8704MUTAG features a more intricate internal schematic with two transistors, additional diodes, and passive components. This complex circuitry optimizes turn-on and turn-off during ESD events and regular situations, delivering superior protection.

ESD8704MUTAG internal schematic

Low Parasitic Capacitance for High-Frequency Signals

One of the key advantages of this diode is its remarkably low parasitic capacitance. ONSemi boasts a maximum capacitance of just 0.5pf between an IO line and the GND pin, making it ideal for high-frequency and sensitive signals like HDMI. Even as work frequency increases, this low capacitance remains consistent.

ESD8704MUTAG low capacitance vs frequency

USB 3.0 and USB 3.1 Compatibility

The ESD8704MUTAG is particularly well-suited for USB 3-related applications. A notable example is shown in the figure, where the diode array efficiently handles auxillary lines, while D+ and D- are managed through a different diode.

USB 3.0 and USB 3.1 Compatibility

Meeting Government Standards and Informative Datasheet

This diode successfully complies with significant government standards, including IEC 61000−4−2, ensuring robust protection up to level four. For design engineers new to ESD protection, ONSemi's datasheet offers valuable insights, covering background information and measurement setups to test ESD behavior more broadly.


An OEMSecrets price analysis reveals considerable demand for the ESD8704MUTAG, resulting in limited stock availability. As of writing, catalog distributors show no stock, and lead times range from 13 to 46 weeks. However, it remains an affordable solution, with a price of around 50 cents per unit for single quantities, and approximately one cent for quantities in the thousands (Price correct as per date of publication).


The ESD8704MUTAG family stands out as an attractive choice for high-speed signal ESD protection, particularly for USB 3 applications. Its individual diodes preserve signal integrity, while the well-designed layout facilitates manageable stripline topology. For every designer seeking optimal ESD protection, the ESD8704MUTAG is a must-have component.