Designing wireless modules demands a deep understanding of RF engineering, particularly as frequencies rise. However, with the EC25AFA-MINIPCIE, Quectel introduces a PCIe-based module that simplifies computer interfacing, while u.FL connectors make antenna connection a breeze.

EC25AFA-MINIPCIE – comfortable-to-use PCIe 4G module

Seamless Driver Support and Plug-and-Play Experience

Quectel's wireless module family boasts award-winning driver support, ensuring seamless integration with Android, Windows, and Linux. Drivers are conveniently integrated into the operating system's driver repositories, offering a hassle-free, plug-and-play experience when adding the wireless module to your board. The industry-standard u.FL connector facilitates effortless antenna connection.

EC25 Radio Support

Quectel's wireless modules present various interface types, with the EC25AFA-MINIPCIE being one such example, featuring the PCIe interface for seamless communication. This powerful wireless module is based on LTE Cat 4, providing impressive data rates of 150 Mbps downlink and 50 Mbps uplink. Moreover, it supports 2G fallback with EDGE and GPRS, proving advantageous in areas with weak 4G coverage.

Wide Geographic Coverage and GPS Positioning

The EC25AFA targets the North American market, aligning with bands used by major carriers such as AT&T, US Cellular, Verizon, T-Mobile, Rogers, and Telus. The module has secured government certification from all relevant authorities. Additionally, the GPNS system within the EC25 enables precise GPS positioning, perfect for applications that require accurate location data or 10MHz frequency normals. Adding an extra antenna satisfies these additional demands economically.

Accessing Datasheets and Technical Support

Quectel provides datasheets through a dedicated account, ensuring only valuable technical information is accessible. Rest assured, registering for a Quectel account doesn't result in spam or annoying messages. Furthermore, having an account unlocks access to their technical support, a valuable resource for driver integration and gerber reviews.

Price Analysis

An OEMSecrets price analysis reveals that the EC25AFA-MINIPCIE is readily available from various electronics distributors, with prices around 60 EUR for individual units. For larger orders (100 units), unit prices can drop to approximately 35 EUR (Price correct as per date of publication). However, exercise caution, as not all distributors offer price breaks above 25 units.


If you have a PCIe slot and require reliable 4G connectivity, the EC25AFA-MINIPCIE offers a cost-effective and high-performance solution to meet your demands. Thanks to its extensive driver support, this module is likely to work seamlessly with negligible engineering costs, making it a popular choice for various applications. Embrace the convenience and efficiency of the EC25AFA-MINIPCIE, elevating your wireless communication experience to new heights.