In this article, you will learn everything that you need to know when it comes to the CM315D32768DZFT oscillator product. This is an item that is exclusively manufactured by Citizen Finedevice. And the distributors of this part that we work with include the likes of Mouser Electronics UK, Future Electronics and Digi-Key UK. We will, therefore, provide a more in-depth breakdown about why you should consider buying this item through oemsecrets today. Let’s now delve into the background of this oscillator.

CM315D32768DZFT oscillator


The CM315D32768DZFT oscillator acts as an oscillator which produces a continuous, repeated, alternating waveform without any input. Everyday objects such as computers, clocks, watches, radios and metal detectors are amongst the many everyday items that use oscillators. And because the work often goes unnoticed to the watching eye (no pun intended), it’s easy to dismiss just how important an oscillator is to ensure that all of these objects and more achieve peak performance on a regular basis. An oscillator is not only important for each of the above examples, but without an oscillator, you may not get anywhere near as much performance output and benefits from all these items, no matter their prices, manufacturers or sizes.

CM315D32768DZFT Technical Specifications

So, the CM315D32768DZFT oscillator has a frequency range of 32.768kHz, and its external dimensions are 32 in length, 1.5 in length and 0.9 in height. Furthermore, this large frequency range and external dimensions mean that the product can be applied to a variety of devices, all of which makes it an ideal product to invest in for everyday use. 

Other Notes

The product is small in size but is able to be applied to a range of everyday objects, amongst them the likes of smart meters, small mobile devices and consumer products. It may not be a product that many of us will be familiar with, but it helps objects that are more accustomed to operate efficiently.

Why You Need The CM315D32768DZFT

The CM315D32768DZFT oscilator by Citizen Finedevice may be small in size but it is capable of integrating with a wide variety of consumer products that we are accustomed to using on a regular basis. You will see oscillators being put to good use in the home, at the office or on the street. Indeed, a wide variety of items and places can benefit from the utilisation of an oscillator. Not to mention, the product is of extremely good value (as you will see from the pricing and availability section of this page). If an affordable, efficient and reliable oscilator product is what you are looking for, then we cannot recommend the CM315D32768DZFT strongly enough.

Pricing And Availability

The smallest break price that you can find right now for the CM315D32768DZFT is £0.27. So, if you wish to buy it from oemsecrets today, you can do so straight away. But if you still want to find out extra information pertaining to this product, we advise that you head straight over to