In the realm of power electronics, managing transient phenomena, particularly during power-on states, is of paramount importance. Meet the B57364S0100M051, an NTC-based current limiter designed to tame inrush currents and deliver a seamless and orderly power-up sequence.

Harnessing Negative Temperature Constant Technology

Negative Temperature Constant (NTC) resistors may not be new, but they remain indispensable in modern power electronics. Crafted from materials that reduce specific resistance as the ambient temperature rises, the B57364S0100M051 showcases this principle in action. As a switch-mode power supply (SMPS) springs to life, current surges through the component, causing heat dissipation, which, in turn, reduces the component's resistance.

B57364S0100M051 Harnessing Negative Temperature Constant Technology

Diverse Resistance Values to Choose From

Part of TDK's extensive range of NTC thermistors, the B57364S0100M051 comes in various resistance values, each accessible via its unique order code. The table provides a comprehensive overview of these offerings, with a vital cautionary note: the maximum currents (Imax) specified should not be exceeded. Our featured component exhibits a cold state resistance of 10 Ohms, plummeting to 0.098 Ohms when sufficiently heated. The maximum permitted current stands at 7.5 Amperes.

B57364S0100M051 comes in various resistance values

Power Management Considerations

While the B57364S0100M051 is a stellar inrush current limiter, designers must exercise caution regarding the initial higher resistance it presents during startup. Some power management ICs may interpret this situation as a fault condition, leading to a shutdown of the secondary side of the PSU. Meticulous planning and design adjustments can overcome this challenge.

Government Certifications: A Mark of Trust

For security-sensitive components, government certifications play a pivotal role. The B57364S0100M051 carries a host of certifications, including UL 1434 (file number E338926), IEC( R25=2 up to 10 Ω), VDE (R25=2 up to 10 Ω), and CQC. These certifications enhance confidence and ease the process of passing CE and other relevant tests.

Widely Available and Cost-Effective

TDK Electronics ensures ample availability of the B57364S0100M051 through major distributors. As of this writing, single-unit prices hover around 2.1EUR, making it an affordable solution for inrush current limiting. As quantities rise, component prices become even more attractive, approaching approximately 1.3 EUR in quantities of 1000 (Price correct as per the date of publication).

Proper Handling and Mounting Guidelines

TDK Electronics provides the thermistor family in through-hole packages, which may incur slightly higher costs during PCB assembly. During installation, it's crucial to handle the components with care, preferably with gloved hands. Additionally, sharp bending of the mounting wires must be avoided, adhering to the guidelines outlined in the datasheet.


For power electronics designs requiring efficient inrush current limiting, the B57364S0100M051 thermistor is a compelling and cost-effective choice. By placing this NTC-based limiter in the current input path, engineers can significantly reduce the flow of inrush current. The B57364S0100M051 proves to be an indispensable asset, elegantly addressing an age-old challenge in power electronics, making it a go-to solution for contemporary power-up sequences.