In the realm of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, the integration of WiFi and GPS functionalities has become increasingly prevalent. Abracon steps up to the plate with its ACAG0301-15752450-T chip antenna, a compact marvel that supports both protocols. Standing at a mere 3.2 x 1.6 x 1.2mm, this three-dimensional antenna takes up significantly less space than traditional PCB whip antennas, making it a top choice for space-constrained applications.

Enhanced RF Performance and Versatility

The ACAG0301-15752450-T chip antenna boasts a 50 Ohm impedance, ensuring wide pass bands for both GPS and WiFi modules. Its exceptional RF performance allows it to be harnessed for a variety of ISM (Industrial, Scientific, and Medical) applications, provided the host country's regulatory environment permits.

Abracon ACAG0301-15752450-T

In-Depth Documentation for Precision Planning

 ACAG0301-15752450-T layout

Abracon offers an extensive and highly detailed datasheet for the chip antenna, making design implementation smoother for engineers. The comprehensive table in the datasheet showcases the array of available bands. Notably, the 100 MHz passband is sufficient to cover most WiFi bands, a testament to the antenna's versatility.

Carefully Crafted Layout for Optimal Performance

Designing PCB antennas presents its challenges, demanding controlled impedances and meticulous consideration of the RF area's final geometry. While the chip antenna addresses land geometry issues, RF engineering considerations remain crucial. Most notably, chip antennas necessitate the presence of sizeable ground planes, serving as the grounding for transmission and reception processes. Abracon's evaluation board measures a total of 90 x 50 millimeters, thoughtfully safeguarding the ground planes with via fences all around.

ACAG0301-15752450-T Availability and Cost-Effectiveness

A quick check of chip antenna stock on OEMSecrets confirms wide availability at the time of this writing. With a unit cost of about 60 to 70 eurocents for a quantity of 100, the ACAG0301-15752450-T proves to be a highly affordable solution. This is particularly advantageous when considering small production runs, as expensive RF tuning of the antenna geometry is often not required.


For IoT designs seeking a seamless integration of WiFi, GPS, and ISM functionalities, the ACAG0301-15752450-T emerges as the ultimate choice. By adhering to the design guidelines outlined in the datasheet, engineers can ensure exceptional RF performance for their IoT devices. Abracon's clever combination of affordability and compact design empowers designers to meet tight price and form factor deadlines without compromise. Embrace the Abracon ACAG0301-15752450-T and unlock the potential for unparalleled RF performance in your IoT creations. With this cutting-edge passive chip antenna, your IoT devices are poised for seamless connectivity and optimal efficiency, making them stand out in the ever-evolving landscape of the Internet of Things.