When you're on the go, having an affordable yet powerful mobile test equipment becomes a game-changer. The 410-415 Analog Discovery 3, often promoted as a USB oscilloscope, surprises with its multifunctionality and impressive capabilities. Let us explore the 410-415 Analog Discovery 3 by Digilent.  

Affordable Powerhouse - A Game-Changer

The Analog Discovery 3, available for as low as 340 EUR through our price comparison platform (Price correct as per date of publication), disrupts the market with its incredible value. Compared to established brands like PicoScope or Acute Technologies, the Analog Discovery 3 stands out as a cost-effective alternative, without compromising on performance. Its compact size gives it a significant advantage while traveling.

Affordable power house - Analog Discovery 3

Spartan 7 FPGA-based hardware yields performance improvements

At its core, the 410-415 model leverages the successful formula of its predecessors while introducing performance upgrades. The two-channel oscilloscope offers a 125MS/s sampling speed and a remarkable 14-bit resolution. Equally impressive is the Arbitrary Waveform Generator, featuring similar specifications but allowing an offset of up to +/- 5V, rivaling some high-end test equipment. Digital design engineers will find joy in the inclusion of the Digilent logic analyzer and pattern generator combination. Additionally, the programmable power supply comes in handy as an emergency curve tracer for low-power semiconductors.

 Spartan 7 - Analog Discovery 3

Enhanced FPGA and Expanded Sample Memory

Thanks to improved FPGA technology, Digilent significantly extends the sample memory complement. With six different configurations explained in detail at https://digilent.com/reference/test-and-measurement/analog-discovery-3/reference-manual#Device_Configuration, the Analog Discovery 3 embraces a family of test kits. A compelling interview at https://www.elektronikfokus.dk/blogs/whats-different-with-the-analog-discovery-3/ provides valuable insights into the evolution of this latest member.

Enhanced FPGA & memory - Analog Discovery 3

Powerful Software Expanding Capabilities

The true strength of PC-driven test equipment lies in its software. Digilent's WaveForms application, fully documented here, offers a feature-rich, computer-optimized interface. It harnesses the host's mathematical prowess to perform advanced analysis functions, including FFT-based spectral analysis and basic network analysis. The integrated impedance analyzer facilitates component qualification using a bridge configuration and the internal AWG.

Digilent's WaveForms application - Analog Discovery 3

Custom Protocols and Advanced Data Acquisition:

For electrical engineers seeking custom protocol decoding and advanced USB data acquisition, the WaveForms SDK, documented here, is a valuable resource. With C# code samples, and support for Python, MATLAB, and LABVIEW, this SDK empowers scientific computing enthusiasts to unlock the full potential of the Analog Discovery 3.


Digilent's Analog Discovery 3 takes an already popular product and elevates it to new heights. As a plug-and-play replacement for its predecessors, the 410-415 boasts significantly better performance. Traveling engineers, especially those without RF applications, will appreciate its remarkable versatility, enhancing productivity during lab-less evenings abroad. Discover the ultimate travel companion in the Analog Discovery 3 - a feature-packed, compact, and cost-effective USB test equipment. Unleash your engineering prowess, conquer challenges, and redefine what's possible with this extraordinary device by your side.