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Part Description

The bq2920x device is a secondary overvoltage protection IC for 2-series cell lithium-ion battery packs that incorporates a high-accuracy precision overvoltage detection circuit and automatic cell imbalance correction. The voltage of each cell in a 2-series cell battery pack is compared to a factory programmed internal reference voltage. If either cell reaches an overvoltage condition, the OUT pin changes from low to high state. The bq2920x can perform automatic voltage-based cell imbalance correction. Balancing can start when the cell voltages are different by nominally 30 mV or more and stops when the difference is nominally 0 mV. Cell balancing is enabled and disabled by the CB_EN pin.

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Part Features

  • 2-Series Cell Secondary Protection
  • Automatic Cell Imbalance Correction with External Enable Control u2013 u00b130-mV Enable, 0-mV Disable Thresholds Typical
  • External Capacitor-Controlled Delay Timer
  • External Cell Balancing Mode Supported
  • External Resistor-Controlled Cell Balance Current
  • Fixed Overvoltage Protection Thresholds: 4.30 V, 4.35 V
  • High-Accuracy Overvoltage Protection: u2013 u00b125 mV with TA = 0u00b0C to 60u00b0C
  • Internal Cell Balancing Handles Current up to 15 mA
  • Low Power Consumption ICC < 3 u00b5A Typical (VCELL(ALL) < VPROTECT)
  • Small 8L DRB Package

Part Specifications

Battery Type Li-Ion
Battery Protection Over Voltage
No. of Batteries 2
Shutdown Current -
Battery IC Case Style VSON
No. of Pins 8Pins
Supply Voltage Min 4V
Supply Voltage Max 10V
Operating Temperature Min -40°C
Operating Temperature Max 85°C
Product Range -
RoHS Phthalates Compliant Yes
MSL MSL 2 - 1 year
SVHC No SVHC (27-Jun-2018)
RoHS Compliant

Alternative Part Descriptions

  • Voltage Protection for Li-Ion Batt. VSON | RS Components
  • BATT PROT, LI-ION, 10V, VSON-8; Battery Type:Li-Ion; Battery Protection:Over Voltage; No. of Batteries:2; Shutdown Current:-; Battery IC Case Style:VSON; No. of Pins:8Pins; Supply Voltage Min:4V; Supply Voltage Max:10V; Operating RoHS Compliant: Yes | Newark Electronics
  • Voltage Protection with Automatic Cell Balance For 2-Cell Li-Ion Batteries, OVP=4.30V | Texas Instruments

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