ATSAMD21G18A-MUT Microcontrollers - MCU by Microchip Technology

Status: Active
Series: ATSAMD21G18
RoHS: Compliant
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A low-power, high-performance Microchip's ARM® Cortex®-M0+ based flash microcontroller, the ATSAMD21G18 is ideal for a wide range of home automation, consumer, metering, and industrial applications. It features:

  • 256KB of flash and 32KB of SRAM
  • Up to 48MHz operating frequency
  • Six serial communication modules (SERCOM) configurable as UART/USART, SPI or I2C, three 16-bit timer/counters, 32-bit Real-Time Clock and calendar, 20 PWM channels, one 14-channel 12-bit ADC, one 10-bit DAC
  • Full Speed USB Device and embedded Host
  • Support for up to 120 touch channels
  • 1.62V to 3.63V power supply
  • Easy pin migration to SAMD21G and SAMD21J devices

Supported by MPLAB X IDE and MPLAB Harmony.

Functional Safety

This device supports the ISO 26262 (ASIL B), IEC 61508 (SIL 2) and IEC 60730 (Class B) functional safety standards.  

·   The Functional Safety Manual, FMEDA and information on the Diagnostic Software are available under NDA through the request form on the 32-bit Microcontrollers Functional Safety web page.

·   To request any information about the SIL 2 STL, please fill out and submit the request form on Industrial Safety Self-Test Library web page.

·  Learn more about  32-bit MCUs with Functional Safety capabilities including device hardware and certified software libraries. 


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Single-cycle hardware multiplier
Micro Trace Buffer
256KB in-system self-programmable Flash
32KB SRAM Memory
Power-on reset (POR) and brown-out detection (BOD)
Internal and external clock options with 48MHDigital Frequency Locked Loop (DFLL48M) and 48MHto 96MHFractional
External Interrupt Controller (EIC)
16 external interrupts
One non-maskable interrupt
Two-pin Serial Wire Debug (SWD) programming, test and debugging interface
Drop in compatible with SAM D20
Idle and standby sleep modes
SleepWalking peripherals
12-channel Direct Memory Access Controller (DMAC)
12-channel Event System
One 16-bit TC with compare/capture channels
One 8-bit TC with compare/capture channels
One 32-bit TC with compare/capture channels, by using two TCs
Up to four compare channels with optional complementary output
Generation of synchronized pulse width modulation (PWM) pattern across port pins
Deterministic fault protection, fast decay and configurable dead-time between complementary output
Dithering that increase resolution with up to 5 bit and reduce quantization error
32-bit Real Time Counter (RTC) with clock/calendar function
Watchdog Timer (WDT)
CRC-32 generator
Embedded device function
Eight endpoints
USART with full-duplex and single-wire half-duplex configuration
I2C Bus up to 3.4MHz
LIN client
Differential and single-ended input
1/2x to 16x programmable gain stage
Automatic offset and gain error compensation
Oversampling and decimation in hardware to support 13-, 14-, 15- or 16-bit resolution
10-bit, 350ksps Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC)
Two Analog Comparators (AC) with window compare function
256-channel capacitive touch and proximity sensing
38 GPIO pins
1.62V – 3.63V


Part Family SAMD21
CPU Type Cortex-M0+
MaxSpeed (MHz) 48
Program Memory Size (KB) 256
SRAM (KB) 32
Data EEPROM (bytes) 0
Temp. Range Min. -40
Temp. Range Max. 125
Operation Voltage Min.(V) 1.62
Operation Voltage Max.(V) 3.63
Direct Memory Access (DMA) Channels 12
I2C 6
I2S 1
Ethernet None
USB Interface Full Speed
Number of USB Modules 1
Type of CAN module None
Number of CAN Modules 0
Crypto Engine No
Max ADC Resolution (bits) 12
Max ADC Sampling Rate (ksps) 350
ADC Channels 14
Max DAC Resolution (bits) 10
DAC outputs 1
Hardware Touch Peripheral PTC
Number of Comparators 2
Motor Control PWM Channels 14
Quadrature Encoder Interface (QEI) 0
Internal Oscillator 32khz, 32Khz ULP, 8Mhz
Hardware RTCC Yes
Max I/O Pins 38
Pin Count 48
Low Power Yes
Pins | Packaging 48 | VQFN
Temp Range -40C to +85C
Packing Media Tape and reel (4000)


Application Notes
AN3346 - Introduction to MPLAB X IDE and MPLAB Harmony v3 for Atmel Studio and ASF users
AN3563 - SAM D21 Curiosity Nano: MPLAB Harmony v3 PLIBs Setup and Evaluation
AN_42393 - AT09381: SAM D - Debugging Watchdog Timer Reset
AN_42472 - AT11491: Peripheral Power Consumption in Standby Mode for SAM D Devices
AN_42413 - AT03974: Read While Write EEPROM
AN_42411 - AT06549: Ultra Low Power Techniques
AN_42382 - AT04056: Getting Started with FreeRTOS on SAM Flash MCUs
AN_42336 - AT09331: ASF USB Stack Manual
AN2468 - Production Programming of Microchip AVR and SAM Microcontrollers
AN2466 - Using Atmel-ICE for AVR Programming In Mass Production
AN2520 - Sensorless Field Oriented Control (FOC) for a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) Using a PLL Estimator and Equation-based Flux Weakening (FW) Application Note
AN2587 - EMI, EMC, EFT, and ESD Circuit Design Consideration for 32-bit Microcontrollers Application Note
AN2584 - Integrated Power Factor Correction (PFC) and Sensorless
MPLAB Harmony v3 Project Migration

Legacy Collaterals
STK600-RC064SAM-72 User Guide
ATAN0114: Atmel QT4 Xplained Pro User Guide
Single-slope PWM Implementation using SAM D21 TCC in a Touch-based Application
Atmel QT1 Xplained Pro User Guide
Atmel QTouch General Library Peripheral Touch Controller User Guide
Beyond the IDE
SAM D21 XPRO USB Host MSC Bootloader
AN_42115 - AT03255: SAM D/R/L/C Serial Peripheral Interface (SERCOM SPI) Driver
AN_42118 - AT03256: SAM D/R/L/C Serial USART (SERCOM USART) Driver
AN_42119 - AT03259: SAM D/R System Clock Management (SYSTEM CLOCK) Driver
AN_42120 - AT03260: SAM D/R System (SYSTEM) Driver
AN_42116 - AT03254: SAM D/R/L/C I2C Slave Mode (SERCOM I2C) Driver
AN_42122 - AT03261: SAM D/R/L/C System Interrupt (SYSTEM INTERRUPT) Driver
AN_42121 - AT03262: SAM D/R/L/C System Pin Multiplexer (SYSTEM PINMUX) Driver
AN_42123 - AT03263: SAM D/R/L/C Timer Counter (TC) Driver
AN_42124 - AT03264: SAM D/R/L/C Watchdog (WDT) Driver
AN_42126 - AT03266: SAM D/R/L/C RTC Calendar (RTC CAL) Driver
AN_42138 - AT03664: Getting Started with FreeRTOS on SAM D20/D21/R21/L21/L22
AN_42473 - AT11480: Analog Comparator Application Examples
AN_42235 - AT06857: Developing Extension Boards for the Xplained Pro Evaluation Kits
AN_42249 - AT07347: Executing Code from RAM
AN_42258 - AT07627: ASF Manual (SAM D21)
AN_42508 - AT10764: Software Library for AES-128 Encryption and Decryption
AN_42458 - AT11493: Waveform Generator and WAV Audio Player using DAC
AN_42454 - AT12031: Advanced Features of SAM D21 Timer/Counter for Control Application (TCC)
AN_42438 - AT09423: SAM-BA Overview and Customization Process
AN_42447 - AT10931: SAM Read While Write EEPROM (RWW EEPROM) Emulator Service
AN_42366 - AT07175: SAM-BA Bootloader for SAM D21
AN_42125 - AT03265: SAM D10/D11/D20/D21/R/L/C EEPROM Emulator (EEPROM) Service
AN_42344 - AT09339: USB Host Interface (UHI) for Mass Storage Class (MSC)
AN_42346 - AT09341: USB Host Interface (UHI) for Vendor Class Device
AN_42338 - AT09333: USB Host Interface (UHI) for Communication Class Device (CDC)
AN_42342 - AT09337: USB Host Interface (UHI) for Human Interface Device Mouse (HID Mouse)
AN_42337 - AT09332: USB Device Interface (UDI) for Communication Class Device (CDC)
AN_42345 - AT09340: USB Device Interface (UDI) for Vendor Class Device
AN_42339 - AT09334: USB Device Interface (UDI) for Human Interface Device Generic (HID Generic)
AN_42255 - AT07451: SAM D21/DA1 Inter-IC Sound Controller (I2S) Driver
AN_42370 - AT08569: Optimizing ASF Code Size to Minimize Flash and RAM Usage
AN_42724 - AT17284: Proximetry Cloud Based Smart Plug User Guide
AN_32219 - AT04470: Differences between SAM D21 Variants A, B, and L
AN_8486 - AVR4950: ASF - USB Host Stack
AN_42254 - AT06466: Getting started with SAM D21
AN_42257 - AT07683: SAM D09/D10/D11/D21/DA1/R/L/C Direct Memory Access Controller (DMAC) Driver
AN_42261 - AT06475: SAM D21 USB
AN_42256 - AT07058: SAM D10/D11/D21/DA1/R/L/C Timer Counter for Control Applications (TCC) Driver
AN_42631 - AT11628: SAM D21 SERCOM I2C Configuration
AN_42341 - AT09336: USB Device Interface (UDI) for Human Interface Device Mouse (HID Mouse)
AN_42343 - AT09338: USB Device Interface (UDI) for Mass Storage Class (MSC)
AN_42340 - AT09335: USB Device Interface (UDI) for Human Interface Device Keyboard (HID Keyboard)
AN_42386 - AT10828: DALI Slave Stack for SAM D20/D21
AN_42371 - AT07685: CPU Usage Demonstration using DMAC Application
AN_42149 - AT03789: SAM D10/D11/D20/D21/DA1/R Brown Out Detector (BOD) Driver
AN_42189 - AT04389: Connecting SAMD20E to the AT86RF233 Transceiver
AN_42107 - AT03229: SAM D/R/L/C Peripheral Access Controller (PAC) Driver
AN_42106 - AT03242: SAM D20/D21/D10/D11/DA1/L/C Analog Comparator (AC) Driver
AN_42109 - AT03243: SAM D/R Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) Driver
AN_42110 - AT03244: SAM D20/D21/D10/D11/DA1/C21 Digital-to-Analog Driver (DAC)
AN_42108 - AT03245: SAM D/R/L/C Event System (EVENTS) Driver
AN_42112 - AT03246: SAM D/R/L/C External Interrupt (EXTINT) Driver
AN_42114 - AT03247: SAM D/R/L/C Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) Driver
AN_42113 - AT03248: SAM D/R/L/C Port (PORT) Driver
AN_42111 - AT03249: SAM D/R/L/C RTC Count (RTC COUNT) Driver
AN_42117 - AT03250: SAM D/R/L/C I2C Master Mode (SERCOM I2C) Driver
AN_42728 - AT15004:Using SAM-BA for Linux on SAM Devices
Bringing the Best of Microcontroller Innovations to New Cortex-M0+ Devices
Microprocessor or Microcontroller
Computers that You Wear Help Your Work and Play
Designing Feature-Rich User Interfaces for Home and Industrial Controllers
AN2465 - SAM D21 SERCOM SPI Configuration
SAM-BA Monitor for ROMless Cortex M Devices - SAM-BA® Monitor for ROMless Cortex Devices Application Note
How to Customize ASFv3 SAM-BA Bootloader on Cortex-

Supporting Collateral
How to Setup MPLAB Harmony v3 Software Development Framework
How to Use the MPLAB Harmony v3 Debug System Service
The Difference Between MPLAB Harmony v3 PLIBs and Drivers, and When to Use Them
MPLAB Harmony v3 Synchronous Drivers and Their Usage in FreeRTOS-Based Applications
Introduction to QTouch Design Parameters using SAM D21 Xplained Pro - This hands-on will demonstrate the ease of use of the different Atmel QTouch technology tools which are used to develop and tune capacitive buttons, sliders and wheels designs, providing
How the Event System Helps to Lower CPU Load TB
ADC Gain and Offset Error Calibration on ARM® Cortex®-
What is SleepWalking? How it Helps to Reduce Power Consumption
EEPROM Emulation for Flash-Only Devices Tech Brief
MPLAB Harmony v3 Touch Configurator

User Guides
PIC18F to PIC24F to SAMD2x Migration and Performance Enhancement Guide
Atmel SAM D11 Xplained Pro User Guide
Firmware User Guide: Low Voltage BLDC Motor Control using SAM Devices - This user guide covers the firmware configuration details of motor control algorithms. The algorithms are Field Oriented Control (FOC) and Block Commutation (BC). Currently, the scope
ATSAMD21BLDC24V-STK Motor Control Kit - ATSAMD21BLDC24V-STK is a low voltage BLDC, PMSM motor control starter kit. Supported by the Atmel Studio IDE, the kit explains how to integrate the device in a custom motor control application.
Atmel SAM D21 Xplained Pro User Guide
QTouch Modular Library Peripheral Touch Controller User Guide
ATSAMD21E16LMOTOR - SAMD21E16LMOTOR is a pluggable MCU card for ATSAMD21BLDC24V-STK, the low voltage BLDC, PMSM motor control starter kit. Kit contains a driver board hardware with half bridge power MOSFET drivers, current and voltage sensing circuit, Hal
Atmel SAM D QTouch Safety Library Peripheral Touch Controller User Guide

Environmental Information

JEDEC Indicator e3
ROHS Compliant
China EFUP Compliant
Device Weight (g) 0.1314
Shipping Weight (kg) 0.272
Lead Count 48
Package Type VQFN
Package Width or Size 7x7x0.9mm
Soldering Composition Matte Tin

Alternative Descriptions

48QFN IND TEMP, GREEN,1.6-3.6V,48MHz | Microchip Technology
Mcu, 32Bit, 48Mhz, Qfn-48 | Newark Electronics
MCU, 32BIT, 48MHZ, QFN-48 | Farnell
SAMD21G Series 256 kB Flash 32 kB RAM 48 MHz 32-Bit Microcontroller - QFN-48 | Future Electronics
MCU 32-Bit SAM D21 ARM Cortex M0+ RISC 256KB Flash 3.3V 48-Pin QFN EP T/R | Avnet America

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find additional details, specifications and documents for a ATSAMD21G18A-MUT?

Additional datasheets, footprints and schematics for ATSAMD21G18A-MUT are listed on our Part Details page. You can also find images and similar parts to ATSAMD21G18A-MUT on this page.

What pricing and inventory information can I view?

Distributor pricing and stock information is available for ATSAMD21G18A-MUT on our Product Comparison page. Access via the 'View Pricing & Stock' button to view ATSAMD21G18A-MUT price breaks, MOQs, lead times, inventory and SKUs from distributors.

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The ATSAMD21G18A-MUT is listed under Semiconductors - ICs > Microcontrollers - MCU > 16 / 32 Bit Microcontrollers - MCU - ARM.

Can I view similar or alternative parts?

You can view similar parts to ATSAMD21G18A-MUT when available in the 16 / 32 Bit Microcontrollers - MCU - ARM range under the specifications section at the bottom of the details page.

Who can I contact for technical support of the product?

Submit any questions directly to the customer support team of the distributor listing the product. For the ATSAMD21G18A-MUT you can contact the distributor directly for product support, shipping queries etc.

Is the ATSAMD21G18A-MUT RoHS compliant?

Yes. This part has been flagged as RoHS Compliant by Microchip Technology.

Which authorised distributors for ATSAMD21G18A-MUT have stock available?

Authorised distributors including Microchip Technology, Newark Electronics, Farnell, element14 and Future Electronics have stock available or on a lead time for ATSAMD21G18A-MUT.

How do I check stock and lead times for all distributors?

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