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The SAMA5D3 series is a high-performance, ultra-low-power ARM Cortex-A5 processor-based MPU.  The Cortex-A5 runs up to 536MHz and features a 128KB L2 cache and a floating-point unit.  It supports multiple memories, including DDR2 and LPDDR2.  It integrates powerful peripherals for connectivity:  Gigabit EMAC and/or 10/100 EMAC, 3 HS USB ports, up to 2 CAN ports, up to 3 SDIO/SD/MMC, up to 7 UARTs; and for user interface applications:  TFT LCD controller, touch controller, and a CMOS sensor (camera) interface.  These devices offer application security functions to protect against hacking such as a hardware encryption engine supporting AES, 3DES, as well as secure Hash Algorithm (SHA) and True Random Number Generator (TRNG) and a secure boot loader.  These devices come with a free main-lined Linux distribution.

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Part Features

  • Low System Cost and High Value Integration: - 10/100 EMAC - 0.8mm ball pitch package reduces PCB design complexity - Simple power management scheme - 4-layer PCB
  • Ultra-Low Power Consumption: - Ultra-low-power architecture for extensive battery life - <200uA retention mode with fast wake-up - 5uA in backup mode
  • Application Security: - Hardware encryption engine - Secure boot
  • Extensive Ecosystem: - Free Linux® and Qt SDK - Complete set of C examples for non-OS users - Low-Cost Development board - Multiple third-party software and hardware partners

Part Specifications

Family SAMA5
Part Family SAMA5D3
Part Prefix AT
Architecture 32
Core Cortex-A5
MaxSpeed (MHz) 536
CPU Type Cortex-A5
CPU Speed (MIPS/DMIPS) 842
Program Memory Type ROMless
Boot Memory (KB) 160
L1 Cache Memory (Instructions) (KB) 32
L1 Cache Memory (Data) (KB) 32
RAM (bytes) 131072
Direct Memory Access (DMA) Channels 39
# of EBIs 1
External Memory Bus Interface Program/Data
DRAM Memory Bus Size (Bits) 32
DRAM Memory Interface LPDDR/DDR2/LPDDR2
NAND Interface Yes
ECC Bits on NAND interface 24
Temp. Range Min. -40
Temp. Range Max. 85
Operation Voltage Min.(V) 1.08
Operation Voltage Max.(V) 1.32
Max I/O Pins 160
Pin Count 324
Power On Reset (POR) Yes
Internal Voltage Reference (Bandgap) Yes
Internal Oscillator 32kHz, 12MHz
Vbat/Vddbu for battery backup True
Low Power Yes
Number of ADCs 1
ADC Channels 12
Diff ADC Inputs 6
Max ADC Sampling Rate (ksps) 1000
Max ADC Resolution (bits) 12
Max ADC Sample/Hold (S/H) 1
Resistive Touch Controller Yes
SPIā„¢ 6
I2C 3
IrDA Yes
ISO 7816 4
Max 16 Bit Digital Timers 4
Max 32 Bit Digital Timers 5
Hardware RTCC Yes
Periodic Interval Timer (PIT) 20-bit Programmable
Watch Dog Timers (WDT) Yes
Timers 9
Stand alone PWM 5
Motor Control PWM Channels 8
Standalone Output Compare/ Standard PWM 5
Input Capture 5
Max # PWM outputs (including complementary outputs) 13
Number of PWM Time Bases 9
PWM Max Resolution (bits) 32
PWM Resolution (time ns) 2
Output Compare Channels 5
Number of USB Modules 3
USB Interface High Speed
Device and Host 1 HS
Host Only 2 HS
Type of CAN module None
Ethernet 10/100 Base-TX Mac
Number of Ethernet Ports 1
10/100 Ethernet MAC 1
Crypto Engine Yes
Secure Bootloader Yes
LCD/Graphics Interface Yes
Graphic LCD (GLCD) (bits) 24-bit
# of Graphic LCD Overlays 4
Camera Interface Yes
CODEC Interface (I2S, AC97) Yes
Peripheral Pin Select (PPS)/Pin Muxing Yes
Parallel Port EBI
JTAG Debug/Program/Boundary Scan
Debug Interface JTAG, SWD
Temperature Range -40C to +85C

Alternative Part Descriptions

  • HighEnd MCU | Avnet America
  • HighEnd MCU | Avnet Europe

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