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TMP006EVM by Texas Instruments

Compact Package
Integrated MEMs Thermopile for Noncontact Temperature Sensing
Local Temperature Sensor for Cold Junction Reference u2013 u00b11u00b0C (max) from 0u00b0C to 60u00b0C u2013 u00b11.5u00b0C (max) from u201340u00b0C to +125u00b0C
Low Power u2013 Supply: 2.2 V to 5.5 V u2013 Active Current: 240 u03bcA (typ) u2013 1-u00b5A shutdown (max)
Two-Wire Serial Interface Options: u2013 I2 C and SMBus Compatible u2013 TMP006 at 3.3 V u2013 TMP006B at 1.8 V u2013 Eight Programmable Addresses
Part Information
TMP006EVM image
The TMP006 and TMP006B are fully integrated MEMs thermopile sensors that measure the temperature of an object without having to be in direct contact. The thermopile absorbs passive infrared energy from an object at wavelengths between 4 um to 16 um within the end-user defined field of view. The corresponding change in voltage across the thermopile is digitized and reported with the on-chip die thermal sensor measurement through an I2C- and SMBus-compatible interface. With this data, the target object temperature can be calculated by an external processor. The TMP007 is an enhanced version of the TMP006 or TMP006B. The TMP007 combines all the features of the TMP006 and TMP006B with an additional math engine to perform all of the equations on chip, allowing the target object temperature to be read directly from the device. The TMP007 also provides built-in nonvolatile memory for storing calibration coefficients. The Infrared thermopile sensor is specified to operate from –40°C to +125°C. It is possible to measure an object temperature beyond the device operating range as long as the device itself does not exceed the operating temperature range (–40°C to +125°C).
Kit Application Type:
Sensing - Temperature
Silicon Manufacturer:
Texas Instruments
Silicon Core Number:
Application Sub Type:
Temperature Sensor
Kit Contents:
Board User Guide CD USB Extension Cable
Product Range:
No SVHC (27-Jun-2018)
SMBus Compatible Interface Pin-Programmable Interface Addressing
Alternate Descriptions
TMP006 Evaluation Module RS Components
TMP006 Evaluation Module RS Components IT