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Series Information for MAX14930BASE+ - Maxim Integrated


  • feature
    2 Output Default States (High or Low)
  • feature
    2.5mA per Channel Typical at 1Mbps
  • feature
    2.6mA per Channel Typical at 1Mbps
  • feature
    3 Channel Direction Configuration
  • feature
    3 Data Rates (1Mbps, 25Mbps, 150Mbps)
  • feature
    3 Packages (3.8mm, 4mm, 8mm Creepage and Clearance) Low Power Consumption at High Data Rates At 1.8V:
  • feature
    5.25mA per Channel Typical at 100Mbps At 3.3V:
  • feature
    630VP Repetitive Peak Voltage (VIORM) (MAX14930u2013MAX14932)
  • feature
    7.1mA per Channel Typical at 100Mbps
  • feature
    Accepts 1.71V to 5.5V Supplies Many Options Support Broad Applications
  • feature
    Continuously Withstands 443VRMS (VIOWM) (MAX14930u2013MAX14932)
  • feature
    Withstands up to 3.75kVRMS for 60s (VISO) (MAX14930u2013MAX14932)
  • feature
    Withstands u00b110kV Surge per IEC 61000-4-5 Interfaces Directly with Most Micros and FPGAs


The MAX14930–MAX14932 are a family of 4-channel, 2.75kVRMS and 3.75kVRMS digital isolators utilizing Maxim’s proprietary process technology. The MAX14130– MAX14131 are 4-channel 1kVRMS digital isolators in smaller footprint QSOP packages. For applications requiring 5kVRMS of isolation, see the MAX14934– MAX14936. The MAX14930–MAX14932 family transfers digital signals between circuits with different power domains at ambient temperatures up to +125°C. The MAX14930–MAX14932 family offers all three possible unidirectional channel configurations to accommodate any 4-channel design; including SPI, RS-232, RS-485, and digital I/O applications. For applications requiring bidirectional channels, such as I2C, see the MAX14933. Devices are available with data rates from DC up to 1Mbps, 25Mbps, or 150Mbps. Each device is also avail- able in either a default high or default low configuration. The default is the state an output goes to when its input is unpowered. See the Ordering Information and Selector Guide for the suffixes associated with each option. Independent 1.71V to 5.5V supplies on each side of the isolator also make the devices suitable for use as level translators. The MAX14930–MAX14932 are available in both a 16-pin wide body (10.3mm x 7.5mm) and narrow body (9.9mm x 3.9mm) SOIC package. The MAX14130–MAX14131 are available in a 16-pin (6mm x 5mm) QSOP package. All devices are rated for operation at ambient temperatures of -40°C to +125°C.


No. of Channels:
Propagation Delay:
Supply Voltage Min:
Supply Voltage Max:
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Operating Temperature Min:
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Automotive Qualification Standard:
RoHS Phthalates Compliant:
To Be Advised
MSL 1 - Unlimited
No SVHC (15-Jan-2018)

Alternate Descriptions

Avnet America

Digital Isolator 16-Pin SOIC N Tube

Avnet America product

Avnet Europe

Digital Isolator 16-Pin SOIC N Tube

Avnet Europe product