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Low Power, 130MHz, 75mA Rail-to-Rail Output Amplifiers
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Series Information for LMH6644MAX/NOPB - Texas Instruments


  • feature
    Fully Characterized for 3 V, 5 V, and u00b15 V
  • feature
    Input Common Mode Volt. 0.5 V Beyond Vu2212 , 1 V from V+
  • feature
    Input Current Noise (100 kHz) 0.9pA/u221aHz
  • feature
    Input Voltage Noise (100 kHz) 17nV/u221aHz
  • feature
    Linear Output Current u00b175 mA
  • feature
    No Output Phase Reversal with CMVR Exceeded
  • feature
    Output Short Circuit Current +115 mA to 145 mA
  • feature
    Output Short Circuit Protected(2)
  • feature
    Output Voltage Swing 40 mV from Rails
  • feature
    Overdrive Recovery 100 ns
  • feature
    Settling Time 68 ns
  • feature
    Slew Rate, (AV = u22121) 130V/u00b5s(1)
  • feature
    Supply Current (no load) 2.7 mA/amp
  • feature
    Supply Voltage Range 2.7 V to 12.8 V
  • feature
    THD (5MHz, RL = 2ku2126, VO = 2VPP, AV = +2) u221262 dBc
  • feature
    u22123 dB BW (AV = +1) 130 MHz


The LMH664X family true single supply voltage feedback amplifiers offer high speed (130 MHz), low distortion (−62 dBc), and exceptionally high output current (approximately 75 mA) at low cost and with reduced power consumption when compared against existing devices with similar performance. Input common mode voltage range extends to 0.5 V below V− and 1 V from V+. Output voltage range extends to within 40 mV of either supply rail, allowing wide dynamic range especially desirable in low voltage applications. The output stage is capable of approximately 75 mA in order to drive heavy loads. Fast output Slew Rate (130 V/µs) ensures large peak-to-peak output swings can be maintained even at higher speeds, resulting in exceptional full power bandwidth of 40 MHz with a 3 V supply. These characteristics, along with low cost, are ideal features for a multitude of industrial and commercial applications.


No. of Amplifiers:
4 Amplifier
Slew Rate:
Supply Voltage Range:
2.7V to 12.8V
Amplifier Case Style:
No. of Pins:
Operating Temperature Min:
Operating Temperature Max:
Product Range:
Automotive Qualification Standard:
RoHS Phthalates Compliant:
MSL 3 - 168 hours
No SVHC (27-Jun-2018)

Alternate Descriptions

Avnet America

OP Amp Quad Volt Fdbk R-R O/P ±6.4V/12.8V 14-Pin SOIC N T/R

Avnet America product

Avnet Europe

OP Amp Quad Volt Fdbk R-R O/P ±6.4V/12.8V 14-Pin SOIC N T/R

Avnet Europe product

Texas Instruments

Low Power, 130MHz, 75mA Rail-to-Rail Output Amplifiers

Texas Instruments product