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Electronic & Electrical Components > Capacitors > Ceramic Capacitors
CAP 0.01µF 400VAC 20% Y5V
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C981U103MYVDBA7317 by KEMET

CAP 0.01µF 400VAC 20% Y5V
Part Information
C981U103MYVDBA7317 image
RoHS Compliant
KEMET’s 900 Series encapsulated radial leaded ceramic disc capacitors are specifically designed for interference-suppression AC line filtering applications. Having internationally recognized safety certifications, these capacitors are well-suited for applica- tions that require keeping potentially disruptive or damaging line transients and EMI out of susceptible equipment. They are also an ideal solution in situations where there is a need to suppress line disturbances at the source. Safety Certified Capacitors are classified as either X and/or Y capacitors. Class X capacitors are primarily used in line-to-line (across-the-line) applications. In this application there is no danger of electric shock to humans should the capacitor fail, but could result in a risk of fire. The class Y capacitor is primarily used in line-to-ground (line by-pass) applications. In this application, failure of the capacitor could lead to danger of electric shock. With a working voltage of 440 VAC in line-to-line (Class X) and 300 VAC in line-to-ground (Class Y) applications, these safety capacitors meet the impulse test criteria outlined in IEC Standard 60384. Meeting subclass X1 and Y2 requirements, these devices are certified to withstand impulses up to 4 KV (X1) and 5 KV (Y2) respectively. These encapsulated devices also meet the flame test requirements outlined in UL Standard 94V–0.
Product Range:
900 Series
Capacitance Tolerance:
± 20%
Suppression Class:
X1 / Y2
Voltage Rating X:
Voltage Rating Y:
Operating Temperature Min:
Operating Temperature Max:
No SVHC (15-Jan-2018)
Capacitor Terminals:
Radial Leaded
Dielectric Characteristic:
Lead Spacing:
Voltage Rating:
Alternate Descriptions
Cap Disc Safety X1/Y2 250Vac 10nF 10mm RS Components
CERAMIC SUPPRESSION CAP, X1 / Y2, 0.01UF; Capacitance:10000pF; Product Range:900 Series; Capacitance Tolerance:± 20%; Suppression Class:X1 / Y2; Voltage Rating X:400V; Voltage Rating Y:250V; Operating Temperature Min:-40°C RoHS Compliant: Yes Newark Electronics
Cap Ceramic 0.01uF 400VAC/250VAC Y5V 20% (15 X 5mm) Radial 10mm 125°C Ammo Pack Avnet America
10nF 250 V ac Ceramic Single Layer Capacitor,Y5V Dielectric C900 Series Allied Electronics & Automation
Cap Ceramic 0.01uF 400VAC/250VAC Y5V 20% (15 X 5mm) Radial 10mm 125°C Ammo Pack Avnet Europe