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HV9805 230Vac SEPIC Evaluation Board
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  • feature
    Boost Converter Cascode Switch:
  • feature
    Boundary Conduction Mode (BCM) Boost Converter with Power Factor Correction a) High Power Factor (98% typical) b) High Efficiency (90% typical)
  • feature
    Compatibility with SEPIC Topology for
  • feature
    Driver topology includes:
  • feature
    Internal Switch rated at 700 mA peak
  • feature
    Linear Post-Regulator with Low Overhead Voltage a) Zero LED Current/Brightness Ripple b) Overvoltage Protection for LEDs c) High Efficiency d) u00b14% Reference Over Temperature
  • feature
    No Auxiliary Winding Required
  • feature
    Simple VDD Supply:
  • feature
    Supports up to 25W at 120VAC
  • feature
    Supports up to 50W at 230VAC


The HV9805 driver integrated circuit (IC) is targeted at general LED lighting products, such as LED lamps and LED lighting fixtures with a maximum power rating of about 25W at 120VAC and about 50W at 230VAC. A two-stage topology provides true constant current drive for the LED load while drawing mains power with high power factor. The first stage, a boundary conduction mode boost converter, transfers power from the AC line to a second stage with high power factor and high efficiency. The second stage, a linear regulator arranged for operation with low overhead voltage, transfers power from the first stage to the LED load with true constant current and protects the LED load from overvoltage that may pass from mains to the output of the first stage. The IC is particularly geared to drive a high voltage LED load. An LED load arranged as a high-voltage load is capable of offering cost advantages in terms of heat management and optics. The boost converter employs a cascode switch for high-speed switching and convenient generation of the VDD supply. The control device of the cascode switch is an integral part of the HV9805 and is rated at 700 mA peak. Current for powering the VDD supply is derived by way of an internal connection to the cascode switch. Applications with low output voltage can be accommodated using the SEPIC topology. Network Topology Diagram AC Off-Line LED Driver with True DC Output Current


Device Topology:
No. of Outputs:
Output Current:
Output Voltage:
Input Voltage Min:
Input Voltage Max:
Core Chip:
Dimming Control Type:
Kit Contents:
Eval Board HV9805 Information Sheet
Product Range:
No SVHC (15-Jan-2018)

Alternate Descriptions

Avnet America

HV9805 230Vac SEPIC LED Driver Evaluation Board

Avnet America product

Microchip Technology Inc

HV9805 230Vac SEPIC Evaluation Board

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