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Series Information for ADM00557 - Microchip Technology


  • feature
    12V @ 20 mA
  • feature
    5V @ 20 mA
  • feature
    Adjustable Output Buck Regulator (750 mW)
  • feature
    Fixed Output Linear Regulators:
  • feature
    Independent input control for high-side NMOS and low-side NMOS MOSFETs
  • feature
    Internal Bandgap Reference
  • feature
    Operational Voltage Range 6 - 40V
  • feature
    Overcurrent Comparator
  • feature
    Overcurrent and short circuit protection
  • feature
    Overvoltage Lockout (OVLO): 28V
  • feature
    Peak output current: 0.5A @ 12V
  • feature
    Shoot-through protection
  • feature
    Three Operational Amplifiers for Motor Phase Current Monitoring and Position Detection
  • feature
  • feature
    Two Level Translators
  • feature
    Undervoltage Lockout (UVLO): 6V


The MCP8024 is a 3-Phase Brushless DC (BLDC) power module. The MCP8024 device integrates three half-bridge drivers to drive external NMOS/NMOS transistor pairs configured to drive a 3-phase BLDC motor, a comparator, a voltage regulator to provide bias to a companion microcontroller, power monitoring comparators, an overtemperature sensor, two level translators and three operational amplifiers for motor current monitoring. The MCP8024 has three half-bridge drivers capable of delivering a peak output current of 0.5A at 12V for driving high-side and low-side NMOS MOSFET transistors. The drivers have shoot-through, overcurrent, and short-circuit protection. The MCP8024 buck converter is capable of delivering 750 mW of power for powering a companion microcontroller. The buck regulator may be disabled if not used. The on-board 5V and 12V low dropout voltage regulators are capable of delivering 20 mA of current. The MCP8024 operation is specified over a temperature range of -40°C to +150°C. Package options include the 40-lead 5x5 QFN and 48- lead 7x7 TQFP. 3-Phase Brushless DC (BLDC) Motor Gate Driver with Power Module MCP8024


Application Sub Type:
BLDC Motor
Silicon Manufacturer:
Kit Application Type:
Motor Control
Silicon Core Number:
dsPIC33FJ32MC204 MCP8024
Kit Contents:
Eval Board MCP8024 Plug-In-Module dsPIC33 (MA330017)
Product Range:
No SVHC (15-Jan-2018)
3Phase BLDC Gate Driver w/Power Module PWM Controlled 3 Half-bridge Drivers 6-28V I/P 5V/12V O/P

Alternate Descriptions

Avnet Europe

MCP8024 BLDC Motor Driver Evaluation Board

Avnet Europe product