TI store on OEMsecrets

We are pleased to announce the addition of the TI store to OEMsecrets. Buyers can now order over 30k electronic parts directly from Texas Instruments on our price comparison search engine. The TI store accompanies existing authorised distributor listings for Texas Instruments products from the likes of Mouser, Avnet, TTI, Farnell etc. By clicking 'Buy Now' on TI's inventory listing, you are sent directly into TI's store page ready for a fast checkout.

Furthermore, buyers on OEMsecrets.com can also view datasheets, request samples, search reference designs and buy companion products direct from Texas Instruments. This comes after engineers called for the integration of more technical information on the search results from manufacturers. All datasheets, reference designs, samples and companion products link directly back to TI for the part searched. The companion products filter shows alternative or similar parts offered by TI, if for example stock availability is low or a product is on a lead time.

TI search on OEMSecrets.com

We're currently listing over 2700 reference designs in the authorised search results for Texas Instruments on the site. By clicking on TI reference designs, buyers are able to view the associated TI Designs relating to the component searched. Use OPA333AIDBVR as an example.

Compare TI prices, view technical information and buy thousands of active electronic component devices from Texas Instruments on OEMsecrets.com today.