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Farnell, Newark and element14 are each offering 10% off products when using the discount codes listed below. To get 10% off your order, simply find the code relevant to your order and add the code in the basket at checkout when clicking to buy through oemsecrets. We've also listed some popular products you may be interested in which are eligible for discounts.

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Find your discount code for Farnell, Newark and element14 and enter the code in your basket on each website to save 10% on your order.

Company Country Minimum Spend Discount Code
Farnell United Kingdom £350 7860A87
Farnell Germany 400€ C344920
Farnell Austria 400€ E8B686D
Farnell Switzerland 400 CHF 5A8E15F
Farnell Netherlands 400€ FC3059A
Farnell France 400€ F79FD01
Farnell Belgium 400€ 0B19A2E
Farnell Italy 400€ 1D11C4D
Farnell Spain 400€ 21A24E6
Farnell Portugal 400€ 308B97A
Farnell Finland 400€ 55FD8C6
Farnell Sweden 3000 SEK 4714432
Farnell Denmark 3000 DKK D9CD3D9
Farnell Norway 3000 NOK 6C8637F
Farnell Poland 1000 PLN B45B48C
Farnell Czech Repulic 6000 CZK 0E287B9
Farnell Slovakia 200€ 64E6D5B
Farnell Hungary 50000 HUF B8EBD25
Farnell Romania 1000 RON A571FF8
element14 China CNY1000 AFF100CN
element14 Korea 150000 KRW KRTOCSE10
element14 India 10000 INR INTOCSE10
element14 Australia $200 AUTOCSE10
element14 New Zealand $200 NZTOCSE10
Newark United States $500 NEWAFF10


Popular Products...


General Purpose Relay, RT2 Series, 8 A, 12 Vdc, Power, Non Latching, DPDT
The Power PCB Relay RT2 series from TE Connectivity are through hole PCB relays used for general purpose applications. These relays are used in boiler control, timers, garage door control, POS automation and interface modules.


SMD Chip Resistor, 33 ohm, ± 1%, 100 mW, 0603 [1608 Metric], Thick Film, General Purpose
The Yageo RC_L series resistors are general purpose thick film chip resistors with lead free terminations made by thick film process. The resistance range includes E24 and E96 decade values from 1ohm to 100Mohm.