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Electronic components are parts that build an electronic system or circuit when they are connected together. These components are essential in controlling the movement of electrons. They can be in groups, such as integrated circuits, or in singular form such as, transistors and resistors. Most basic electronic components are discretely packaged, which means they consist of a single circuit element or unit. They are usually placed on a PCB or printed circuit board. Some examples of electronic components are capacitor, diode, transistor, resistor, and operational amplifier.

Types of Electronic Components

There are two major categories of electronic components: passive and active. These classifications are determined according to the components’ functions.

Passive Electronic Components

The word “passive” means “allowing what happens without active response”, and this is exactly what passive electronic components do. A passive electronic component is not capable of supplying, amplifying, or producing energy. In other words, it does not bring energy into the circuit. What a passive component does is consume or absorb energy. It also does not need electrical power to function.

Some examples of passive electronic components are:

  • Capacitors – These electronic components are capable of storing and releasing electrical charge.
  • Resistors – These are commonly used in electronic circuits. Resistors limit electron or electric current flow in electronic circuits. The restriction depends on its resistance value. Resistors help lower voltage.
  • Inductors – These two-terminal passive electronic components are capable of temporarily storing electrical energy in a magnetic field. Direct current or DC can flow through inductors, but AC or alternating current cannot.

Active Electronic Components

  • Diodes – These are semiconductors that consist of two electrodes or terminals known as anode and cathode. Diodes allow electric flows in a forward direction – in just one direction. The electric current in the opposite direction is blocked.
  • Transistors – Like diodes, transistors are also semiconductors. They increase or amplify electronic signals. The word “transistor” combines the words “transfer” and “resistor”, which means resistance is transferred from one circuit part to the other. Transistors often serve as switches.
  • IC (Integrated Circuits) – These active components have several functions: amplifier, counter, and microprocessor. It is composed of multiple electronic components, including transistors, capacitors, and resistors.

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