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Part Description

The UCD7138 device is a 4-A and 6-A single-channel MOSFET driver with body-diode conduction sensing and reporting and is a high performance driver that allows the Texas Instruments UCD3138A digital PWM controller to achieve advanced synchronousrectification (SR) control. The device contains a highspeed gate driver, a body-diode conduction-sensing circuit, and a turnon delay optimization circuit. The device is suitable for high-power, high-efficiency isolated converter applications where SR dead-time optimization is desired. The UCD7138 device offers asymmetrical rail-to-rail 4-A source and 6-A sink peak-current drive capability. The short propagation delay and fast rise and fall time allows efficient operation at high frequencies. An internal high-speed comparator with a –150-mV threshold detects the body-diode conduction and reports the information to the UCD3138A digitalpower controller. The UCD7138 device is capable of sensing body-diode conduction time as low as 10 ns. The SR turnon edge is optimized by the UCD7138 device. The SR turnoff edge is optimized by the UCD3138A digital-power controller which analyzes the body-diode conduction information reported by the UCD7138 DTC pin. The benefits of the chipset include maximizing system efficiency by minimizing body-diode conduction time, robust and fast negative-current protection, and a simple interface.

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Part Features

  • -150-mV Body-Diode Conduction Sensing Threshold
  • 4-A Peak-Source and 6-A Peak-Sink Drive Current
  • 4.5-V to 18-V Supply Range
  • 6-Pin 3-mm u00d7 3-mm WSON-6 Package
  • Able to Sense Body Diode Conduction Times as Low as 10 ns
  • Fast Propagation Delays (14-ns Typical)
  • Fast Rise and Fall Times (5-ns Typical)
  • Gate Turnoff Edge Body-Diode Conduction Reporting
  • Gate Turnon Edge Delay Optimization
  • Low-Side Gate Driver With Body-Diode Conduction Sensing
  • Rail-to-Rail Drive Capability
  • Up to 2-MHz Operating Frequency
  • VCC Undervoltage Lockout (UVLO)
  • Works Together With the Dead-Time Compensation (DTC) Module in the UCD3138A Family of Digital Power Controllers: u2013 Automatic or Manual Dead-Time Adjustment of Gate Turnon and Turnoff Edges u2013 Negative Current Protection

Part Specifications

Driver Configuration Low Side
Peak Output Current 6A
Supply Voltage Min 4.5V
Supply Voltage Max 18V
Driver Case Style SON
No. of Pins 6Pins
Input Delay -
Output Delay -
Operating Temperature Min -40°C
Operating Temperature Max 125°C
Product Range -
Automotive Qualification Standard -
RoHS Phthalates Compliant Yes
MSL MSL 2 - 1 year
SVHC No SVHC (27-Jun-2018)
RoHS Compliant

Alternative Part Descriptions

  • Low-side Power MOSFET Driver With Body Diode conduction Sensing | Texas Instruments

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