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Part Description

The TPA3111D1 device is a 10-W, efficient, Class-D audio power amplifier for driving a bridge tied speaker. Advanced EMI suppression technology enables the use of inexpensive ferrite bead filters at the outputs while meeting EMC requirements. SpeakerGuard speaker protection system includes an adjustable power limiter and a DC detection circuit. The adjustable power limiter lets the user to set a virtual voltage rail lower than the chip supply to limit the current through the speaker. The DC Detect circuit measures the frequency and amplitude of the PWM signal and shuts off the output stage if the input capacitors are damaged or shorts exist on the inputs. The TPA3111D1 can drive a mono speaker as low as 4 Ω. The high efficiency of the TPA3111D1, >90%, eliminates the requirement for an external heat sink when playing music. The outputs are fully protected against shorts to GND, VCC, and output-to-output. The short-circuit protection and thermal protection includes an autorecovery feature.

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Part Features

  • 10-W into an 8-u2126 Load at 10% THD+N From a 12-V Supply
  • 7-W into an 4-u2126 Load at 10% THD+N From a 8-V Supply
  • 94% Efficient Class-D Operation into 8-u2126 Load Eliminates Need for Heat Sinks
  • Differential Inputs
  • Excellent THD+N and Pop-Free Performance
  • Filter-Free Operation
  • Flow-Through Pinout Facilitates Easy Board Layout
  • Four Selectable, Fixed Gain Settings
  • Robust Pin-to-Pin Short-Circuit Protection and Thermal Protection With Auto-Recovery Option
  • SpeakerGuardu2122 Speaker Protection Includes Adjustable Power Limiter Plus DC Protection
  • Wide Supply Voltage Range Allows Operation from 8 to 26 V

Part Specifications

Amplifier Class D
No. of Channels 1 Channel
Output Power 10W
Supply Voltage Range 8V to 26V
Amplifier Case Style HTSSOP
No. of Pins 28Pins
Load Impedance 8ohm
Product Range -
RoHS Compliant

Alternative Part Descriptions

  • AMPLIFIER, AUDIO, CLASS D, 10W, HTSSOP-2 | Newark Electronics
  • 10-W mono, 8- to 26-V supply, analog input Class-D audio amplifier w/ filter free & SpeakerGu | Texas Instruments

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