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The COM20022I is a member of the family of Embedded ARCNET Controllers from Standard Microsystems Corporation. The device is a general purpose communications controller for networking microcontrollers and intelligent peripherals in industrial, automotive, and embedded control environments using an ARCNET protocol engine. The small 48 pin package, flexible microcontroller and media interfaces, eight-page message support, and extended temperature range of the COM20022I make it the only true network controller optimized for use in industrial, embedded, and automotive applications. Using an ARCNET protocol engine is the ideal solution for embedded control applications because it provides a deterministic token-passing protocol, a highly reliable and proven networking scheme, and a data rate of up to 10 Mbps when using the COM20022I. A token-passing protocol provides predictable response times because each network event occurs within a predetermined time interval, based upon the number of nodes on the network. The deterministic nature of ARCNET is essential in real time applications. The integration of the 2Kx8 RAM buffer on-chip, the Command Chaining feature, the 10 Mbps maximum data rate, and the internal diagnostics make the COM20022I the highest performance embedded communications device available. With only one COM20022I and one microcontroller, a complete communications node may be implemented. SOHARD ARCNET Analyzer "SH ARCALYZER-USB" (PCMCIA also available) by clicking this  link .

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Part Features

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  • New Features
  • Data Rates up to 10 Mbps
  • Selectable 8/16 Bit Wide Bus with Data Swapper
  • Programmable DMA Channel
  • Programmable Reconfiguration Times
  • 48 Pin TQFP RoHS Compliant Packages
  • Ideal for Industrial/Factory/Building Automation and Transportation Applications
  • Deterministic (ANSI 878.1) Token Passing ARCNET Protocol
  • Minimal Microcontroller and Media Interface Logic Required
  • Flexible Interface for Use with All Microcontrollers or Microprocessors
  • Automatically Detects Type of Microcontroller Interface
  • Full 2K x 8 On-Chip Dual Port RAM
  • Command Chaining for Packet Queuing
  • Sequential Access to Internal RAM
  • Software Programmable Node ID
  • Eight 256 Byte Pages Allow Four Pages TX and RX Plus Scratch-Pad Memory
  • Next ID Readable
  • Internal Clock Scaler and Clock Multiplier for Adjusting Network Speed
  • Operating Temperature Range of -40°C to +85°C
  • Self-Reconfiguring Protocol
  • Supports up to 255 Nodes
  • Supports Various Network Topologies (Star, Tree, Bus...)
  • CMOS, Single +5V Supply
  • Duplicate Node ID Detection
  • Powerful Diagnostics
  • Receive All Packets Mode
  • Flexible Media Interface:
  • Traditional Hybrid Interface for Long Distances up to Four Miles at 2.5 Mbps
  • RS485 Differential Driver Interface for Low Cost, Low Power, High Reliability

Part Specifications

StandaloneArcnetCntrl N/A
TX_RX_RAMBuffer_bytes 16K
Deterministic_Protocol_TP Yes
OpVolt 5V
MaxSpeed 10 Mbps
Interface RS485
TempMin -40
TempMax 85
comments +5V Arcnet Controller with On-Chip-RAM
Temperature Range -40C to +85C

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