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The SAMA5D4 series is a high-performance, ultra-low-power ARM Cortex-A5 processor-based MPU.  The Cortex-A5 runs up to 600MHz and features the ARM NEON SIMD engine, a 128KB L2 cache and a floating-point unit.  It supports multiple memories, including DDR2 and LPDDR2.  It integrates powerful peripherals for connectivity:  dual 10/100 EMACs, 3 HS USB ports, 2 SDIO/SD/MMC, 8 UARTs; and for user interface applications:  TFT LCD controller, touch controller, 720p hardware video decoder (H264, VP8, MPEG4), and a CMOS sensor (camera) interface.  These devices offer advanced security functions to protect customer code and secure external data transfers such as:  ARM TrustZone, tamper detection pins, a hardware encryption engine supporting AES, 3DES, as well as secure Hash Algorithm (SHA) and True Random Number Generator (TRNG), secure data storage for private keys, on-the-fly decryption of code stored in external DDR and a secure boot loader.  These devices come with a free main-lined Linux distribution.

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Part Features

  • Low System Cost and High Value Integration: - 720p hardware video decoder (H264, VP8, MPEG4) (D43 & D44 only) - 0.8mm ball pitch package reduces PCB design complexity - Simple power management scheme - 4-layer PCB
  • Advanced Security: - Hardware encryption engin - Tamper pins and secure key storage - Secure boot
  • Extensive Ecosystem: - Free Linux® and Qt SDK - Complete set of C examples for non-OS users - Low-Cost Development board - Multiple third-party software and hardware partners

Part Specifications

Family SAMA5
Part Family SAMA5D4
Part Prefix AT
Architecture 32
Core Cortex-A5
MaxSpeed (MHz) 600
CPU Type Cortex-A5
CPU Speed (MIPS/DMIPS) 942
ARM Neon Yes
Program Memory Type ROMless
Boot Memory (KB) 128
L1 Cache Memory (Instructions) (KB) 32
L1 Cache Memory (Data) (KB) 32
L2 Cache Memory (Kbytes) 128
RAM (bytes) 131072
Direct Memory Access (DMA) Channels 38
# of EBIs 1
External Memory Bus Interface Program/Data
DRAM Memory Bus Size (Bits) 16
DRAM Memory Interface LPDDR/DDR2/LPDDR2
NAND Interface Yes
ECC Bits on NAND interface 24
Temp. Range Min. -40
Temp. Range Max. 85
Operation Voltage Min.(V) 1.62
Operation Voltage Max.(V) 1.98
Max I/O Pins 152
Pin Count 289
Power On Reset (POR) Yes
Internal Voltage Reference (Bandgap) Yes
Internal Oscillator 32kHz, 12MHz
Vbat/Vddbu for battery backup True
Number of ADCs 1
ADC Channels 5
Max ADC Sampling Rate (ksps) 320
Max ADC Resolution (bits) 12
Max ADC Sample/Hold (S/H) 1
Zero Cross Detect True
ADC With Computation True
Resistive Touch Controller Yes
SPIā„¢ 8
I2C 4
IrDA Yes
ISO 7816 5
Max 16 Bit Digital Timers 4
Max 32 Bit Digital Timers 9
Hardware RTCC Yes
Periodic Interval Timer (PIT) 20-bit Programmable
Watch Dog Timers (WDT) Yes
Timers 13
Stand alone PWM 9
Motor Control PWM Channels 8
Standalone Output Compare/ Standard PWM 9
Input Capture 9
Max # PWM outputs (including complementary outputs) 16
Number of PWM Time Bases 13
PWM Max Resolution (bits) 32
PWM Resolution (time ns) 2
Output Compare Channels 9
Quadrature Encoder Interface (QEI) 3
Number of USB Modules 3
USB Interface High Speed
Device and Host 1 HS
Host Only 2 HS
Type of CAN module None
Ethernet 10/100 Base-TX Mac
Number of Ethernet Ports 2
10/100 Ethernet MAC 2
Ethernet PTP & AVB Support Ethernet PTP
Integrity Check Monitor (ICM) Yes
Crypto Engine Yes
ARM Trust Zone Yes
Secure Bootloader Yes
Anti-Tamper Pins 6
Secure Key Storage (Fuse bits) 512
Secure RAM Storage (Kbytes) 8
Secure Register Storage (bits) 512
On-The-Fly External Memory Encryption/Descryption Yes
LCD/Graphics Interface Yes
Graphic LCD (GLCD) (bits) 24-bit
# of Graphic LCD Overlays 4
Camera Interface Yes
CODEC Interface (I2S, AC97) Yes
Peripheral Pin Select (PPS)/Pin Muxing Yes
Parallel Port EBI
JTAG Debug/Program/Boundary Scan
Debug Interface JTAG, SWD
Temperature Range -40C to +85C

Alternative Part Descriptions

  • MPU ATSAMA5D41 RISC 32-Bit 600MHz 1.8V 289-Pin LFBGA Tray | Avnet America
  • MPU ATSAMA5D41 RISC 32-Bit 600MHz 1.8V 289-Pin LFBGA Tray | Avnet Europe

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