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Part Description

High-performance 1M EEPROM offers access times to 200ns with 54mW power dissipation and 3.0V supply voltage. Deselected, CMOS standby current is less than 20µA . It is accessed like static RAM for the read or write cycle without external components, it contains a 128-byte page register to allow writing of up to 128 bytes simultaneously. The EEPROM features Internal error correction for extended endurance and improved data retention. Optional software data protection mechanism guards against inadvertent writes, and an extra 128 bytes of EEPROM enables device identification or tracking.

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Part Specifications

Density (Organization) 1Mb
Operating Voltage Min. (V) 3
Oper Voltage Max (V) 3.6
Read Access Speed (Par Flash) 200/250ns
Organization 128K x 8
Temperature Range -40C to +85C

Alternative Part Descriptions

  • EEPROM parallel | Avnet America
  • 200NS TSOP IND TEMP GREEN | Microchip Technology Inc
  • EEPROM parallel | Avnet Europe

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