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Part Description

The ADC0801, ADC0802, ADC0803, ADC0804, and ADC0805 devices are CMOS 8-bit successive approximation converters (ADC) that use a differential potentiometric ladder — similar to the 256R products. These converters are designed to allow operation with the NSC800 and INS8080A derivative control bus with Tri-state output latches directly driving the data bus. These ADCs appear like memory locations or I/O ports to the microprocessor and no interfacing logic is needed. Differential analog voltage inputs allow increasing the common-mode rejection and offsetting the analog zero input voltage value. In addition, the voltage reference input can be adjusted to allow encoding any smaller analog voltage span to the full 8 bits of resolution.

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Part Features

  • 0-V to 5-V Analog Input Voltage Range With Single 5-V Supply
  • 0.3-Inch Standard Width 20-Pin DIP Package
  • 20-Pin Molded Chip Carrier or Small Outline Package
  • Compatible With 8080-u00b5P Derivatives u2013 No Interfacing Logic Needed u2013 Access Time 135 ns
  • Differential Analog Voltage Inputs
  • Easy Interface to All Microprocessors, or Operates as a Stand-Alone Deivce
  • Key Specifications
  • Logic Inputs and Outputs Meet Both MOS and TTL Voltage-Level Specifications
  • No Zero Adjust Required
  • On-Chip Clock Generator
  • Operates Ratiometrically or With 5 VDC, 2.5 VDC, or Analog Span Adjusted Voltage Reference
  • Works With 2.5-V (LM336) Voltage Reference

Part Specifications

Resolution (Bits) 8bit
Sampling Rate 10kSPS
Supply Voltage Type Single
Supply Voltage Min 4.5V
Supply Voltage Max 6.3V
ADC / DAC Case Style SOIC
No. of Pins 20Pins
RoHS Compliant

Alternative Part Descriptions

  • ADC,ADC0804LCWM 8bit SOIC20 | RS Components
  • ANALOG TO DIGITAL CONVERTER ADC, 8 BIT,; MSL:MSL 3 - 168 hours; SVHC:No SVHC (15-Jan-2019) RoHS Compliant: Yes | Newark Electronics
  • ADC Single SAR 10ksps 8-bit Parallel 20-Pin SOIC W Rail | Avnet America
  • 8-Bit, 1-Ch µP Compatible A/D Converters with 1 LSB INL | Texas Instruments
  • A/D converter IC [Texas Instruments] ADC0804LCWM/NOPB A/D converter IC | Distrelec

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