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3-1/2 Digit A/D BCD
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  • feature
    Auto-Polarity and Auto-Zero
  • feature
    Operates in Auto-Ranging Circuits
  • feature
    Overrange and Underrange Signals Available
  • feature
    Single Positive Voltage Reference
  • feature
    Two Voltage Ranges: 1.999V and 199.9 mV
  • feature
    Up to 25 Conversions Per Second
  • feature
    Uses On-Chip System Clock or External C
  • feature
    ZIN > 1000M Ohms


The TC14433 is a low-power, high-performance, monolithic CMOS 3-1/2 digit A/D converter. The TC14433 combines both analog and digital circuits on a single IC, thus minimizing the number of external components. This dual slope A/D converter provides automatic polarity and zero correction with the addition of two external resistors and two capacitors. The full scale voltage range of this ratiometric IC extends from 199.9 millivolts to 1.999 volts. The TC14433 can operate over a wide range of power supply voltages, including batteries and standard 5-volt supplies. The TC14433A features improved performance over the industry standard TC14433. Rollover, which is the measurement of identical positive and negative signals, is specified to have the same reading within one count for the TC14433A. Power consumption of the TC14433A is typically 4 mW, approximately one- half that of the industry standard TC14433. The TC14433/A is available in 24-Pin PDIP, 24-Pin SOIC (TC14433 device only), and 28-Pin PLCC packages.


No SVHC (27-Jun-2018)

Alternate Descriptions

Avnet America

ADC Single Dual Slope 25sps 3 1/2Digit BCD 24-Pin PDIP

Avnet America product

Microchip Technology Inc

3-1/2 Digit A/D BCD

Schukat Electronic

3,5Dig ADC BCD DIP24 600mil

Future Electronics

TC14433A Series 8 V 7 Segment 3-1/2 Digit Analog-to-Digital Converter - DIP-24