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Series Information for T495C106K020ATE400 - KEMET


  • feature
    100% steady-state accelerated aging
  • feature
    100% surge current test
  • feature
    Approved for DLA Drawing 95158
  • feature
    Capacitance values of 4.7 u03bcF to 220 u03bcF
  • feature
    High ripple current capability
  • feature
    High surge current capability
  • feature
    Meets or exceeds EIA standard 535BAAC
  • feature
    Optional gold-plated terminations
  • feature
    Taped and reeled per EIA 481
  • feature
    Tolerances of u00b110% and u00b120%
  • feature
    Voltage rating of 6 u2013 50 VDC -


CAP 10µF 20V 10%
The low ESR, surge-robust T495 COTS (Commercial- Off-The-Shelf) is designed for demanding applications that require high surge current and high ripple current capability. This series is approved for DLA Drawing 95158, incorporating an intensive testing and screening protocol that is customizable depending on specific customer requirements. This series offer several advantages such as low ESR, high ripple current capability, excellent capacitance stability, and improved resistance to high in-rush currents. These benefits are achieved through a combination of proprietary design, materials, and process parameters, as well as high-stress, low impedance electrical conditioning performed prior to screening. Tantalum Surface Mount Capacitors – High Reliability T495 Surge Robust Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS)


Voltage Rating:
Tantalum Capacitor Case:
2312 [6032 Metric]
Product Range:
T495 Series
Capacitance Tolerance:
± 10%
Operating Temperature Min:
Operating Temperature Max:
Manufacturer Size Code:
Automotive Qualification Standard:
No SVHC (15-Jan-2018)

Alternate Descriptions

Avnet America

Cap Tant Solid 10uF 20V C CASE 10% (6 X 3.2 X 2.5mm) SMD 6032-28 0.4 Ohm 125°C T/R

Avnet America product

Allied Electronics, Inc

10uF Solid MnO2 Tantalum Electrolytic Capacitor, 20 V dc +/-10%, T495 Series

Avnet Europe

Cap Tant Solid 10uF 20V C CASE 10% (6 X 3.2 X 2.5mm) SMD 6032-28 0.4 Ohm 125°C T/R

Avnet Europe product



Distrelec product

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