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High Side MOSFET Predriver
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Series Information for MIC5013YM - Microchip Technology


  • feature
    60u00b5s typical turn-on time to 50% gate overdrive
  • feature
    Available in small outline SOIC packages
  • feature
    Dynamic current threshold for high in-rush loads
  • feature
    Fault output pin indicates current faults
  • feature
    Implements high-
  • feature
    Internal charge pump to drive the gate of an N-channel power FET above supply
  • feature
    Internal zener clamp for gate protection
  • feature
    Less than 1u00b5A standby current in the u201cOFFu201d state
  • feature
    Programmable over-current sensing


The MIC5013 is an 8-pin MOSFET driver with over-current shutdown and a fault flag. It is designed to drive the gate of anN-channelpowerMOSFETabovethesupplyrailhigh-side power switch applications. The MIC5013 is compatible with standard or current-sensing power MOSFETs in both high- and low-side driver topologies. The MIC5013 charges a 1nF load in 60µs typical and protects theMOSFETfromover-currentconditions.Thecurrentsense trip point is fully programmable and a dynamic threshold allows high in-rush current loads to be started. A fault pin indicates when the MIC5013 has turned off the FET due to excessive current. OthermembersoftheMicreldriverfamilyincludetheMIC5011 minimum parts count driver and MIC5012 dual driver.

Alternate Descriptions

Avnet America

MOSFET DRVR Single Hi/Lo Side Non-Inv 8-Pin SOIC Tube

Avnet America product

Microchip Technology Inc

High Side MOSFET Predriver

Future Electronics

MIC5013 Series 20 mA 32 V Protected High or Low-Side MOSFET Driver - SOIC-8