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Details for INA333AIDRGT by Texas Instruments
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INA333AIDRGT by Texas Instruments


8-Pin VSSOP and 8-Pin WSON Packages
High CMRR: 100 dB (Minimum), G u2265 10
Input Voltage: (Vu2013) +0.1 V to (V+) u20130.1 V
Low Drift: 0.1 u03bcV/u00b0C, G u2265 100
Low Input Bias Current: 200 pA (Maximum)
Low Noise: 50 nV/u221aHz, G u2265 100
Low Offset Voltage: 25 u03bcV (Maximum), G u2265 100
Low Quiescent Current: 50 u03bcA
Operating Temperature: u201340u00b0C to +125u00b0C
Output Range: (Vu2013) +0.05 V to (V+) u20130.05 V
RFI Filtered Inputs
Supply Range: 1.8 V to 5.5 V

Part Information

INA333AIDRGT image
RoHS Compliant


The INA333 device is a low-power, precision instrumentation amplifier offering excellent accuracy. The versatile 3-operational amplifier design, small size, and low power make it ideal for a wide range of portable applications. A single external resistor sets any gain from 1 to 1000. The INA333 is designed to use an industrystandard gain equation: G = 1 + (100 kΩ / RG). The INA333 device provides very low offset voltage (25 μV, G ≥ 100), excellent offset voltage drift (0.1 μV/°C, G ≥ 100), and high common-mode rejection (100 dB at G ≥ 10). It operates with power supplies as low as 1.8 V (±0.9 V) and quiescent current is only 50 μA, making it ideal for batteryoperated systems. Using autocalibration techniques to ensure excellent precision over the extended industrial temperature range, the INA333 device also offers exceptionally low noise density (50 nV/√Hz) that extends down to DC. The INA333 device is available in both 8-pin VSSOP and WSON surface-mount packages and is specified over the TA = –40°C to +125°C temperature range.

Technical Specifications

No. of Amplifiers:
3 Amplifier
Input Offset Voltage:
Slew Rate:
Supply Voltage Range:
1.8V to 5.5V
Amplifier Case Style:
No. of Pins:

Alternate Descriptions

50uA Zero-Drift Instrumentation Amp WSON RS Components
AMP, INSTR, LOW PWR, 8SON; No. of Amplifiers:1 Amplifier; Input Offset Voltage:10µV; Slew Rate:0.16V/µs; Bandwidth:150kHz; Supply Voltage Range:1.8V to 5.5V; Amplifier Case Style:SON; No. of Pins:8Pins; Amplifier Output:Rail to Rail;RoHS Compliant: Yes Newark Electronics
Low-Power, Zero-Drift, Precision Instrumentation Amplifier Texas Instruments
Texas Instruments INA333AIDRGT Kuvvetlendirici, ±25μV Offset Gerilimi, SON, 8-Pimli, R-RO, 150KHz, 1,8 5,5 V RS Components TR
50uA Zero-Drift Instrumentation Amp WSON RS Components IT