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Series Information for DV102013 - Microchip Technology


  • feature
    27 mA full-sca
  • feature
    27RX 19TX Sensor
  • feature
    27RX x 19TX Channels Support Approximately 8" Touch Screens (larger possible)
  • feature
    Advanced Processing Provides Noise Avoidance Techniques
  • feature
    Combines with MTCH652 High-Voltage Driver for Superior Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR)
  • feature
    Five Touches Typically at 100 Hz+ Each
  • feature
    Integrated Single and Multi-finger Gesture Recognition Suite including Taps, Swipes, Scrolling, Pinching and Zooming
  • feature
    Supports 3D Gestures up to 20 cm when Combined with the MGC3130 GestICu00ae Controller Power Management Example:
  • feature
    USB and I2Cu2122 Communication


Microchip’s MTCH6303 is an innovative turnkey projected capacitive touch controller that provides multi-touch coordinates as well as a readymade multi-finger surface gesture suite. MTCH6303 brings modern user interface (UI) elements – such as pinch and zoom, multi-finger scrolling, and swipes – to any embedded design, with minimal host requirements. The MTCH6303’s advanced signal processing provides noise-avoidance techniques and predictive tracking for ten fingers, typically at 100 Hz each for five touches. It also combines with Microchip’s MTCH652 High-voltage Line Driver to achieve a superior signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) for outstanding touch performance in noisy environments (refer to www.microchip.com/MTCH652). These capabilities are critical in demanding environments such as industrial controls, home and office automation with security control panels, thermostat, printers and lighting controls, and various consumer applications including exercise equipment and audio systems.


Kit Application Type:
Sensing - Touch Proximity
Silicon Manufacturer:
Silicon Core Number:
Application Sub Type:
Capacitive Touch
Kit Contents:
Dev Board MTCH6303 8" ITO Touch Screen Micro USB Cable
Product Range:
No SVHC (15-Jan-2018)
Multi-touch upto 10 Touches 19Tx/27Rx Channels/3D Gestures Support Upto 20cm Superior SNR USB/I2C