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CAP 4700PF 100V 10% X7R 0805
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CAP 4700PF 100V 10% X7R 0805
Part Information
C0805S472K1RACTU image
RoHS Compliant
KEMET’s Floating Electrode (FE-CAP) multilayer ceramic capacitor in X7R dielectric utilizes a cascading internal electrode design configured to form multiple capacitors in series within a single monolithic structure. This unique configuration results in enhanced voltage and ESD performance over standard capacitor designs while allowing for a fail-open condition if mechanically damaged (cracked). If damaged, the device may experience a drop in capacitance but a short is unlikely. The FE-CAP is designed to reduce the likelihood of a low IR or short circuit condition and the chance for a catastrophic and potentially costly failure event. Driven by the demand for a more robust and reliable component, the FE-CAP was designed for critical applications where higher operating temperatures and mechanical stress are a concern. These capacitors are manufactured in state of the art ISO/TS 16949:2009 certified facilities and are widely used in power supplies (input and output filters) and general electronic applications. Combined with the stability of an X7R dielectric, the FE-CAP complements KEMET’s “Open Mode” devices by providing a fail-safe design optimized for low to mid range capacitance values. These devices exhibit a predictable change in capacitance with respect to time and voltage and boast a minimal change in capacitance with reference to ambient temperature. Capacitance change is limited to ±15% from −55°C to +125°C. In addition to Commercial Grade, Automotive Grade devices are available which meet the demanding Automotive Electronics Council's AEC–Q200 qualification requirements.
Voltage Rating:
Ceramic Capacitor Case:
0805 [2012 Metric]
Capacitance Tolerance:
± 10%
Dielectric Characteristic:
Product Range:
S Series FE-CAP
Operating Temperature Min:
Operating Temperature Max:
Automotive Qualification Standard:
MSL 1 - Unlimited
No SVHC (15-Jan-2018)
Alternate Descriptions
CAPACITOR CERAMIC 4700PF 100V, X7R, 10%, 0805; Capacitance:4700pF; Voltage Rating:100V; Ceramic Capacitor Case:0805 [2012 Metric]; Capacitance Tolerance:± 10%; Dielectric Characteristic:X7R; Product Range:S Series FE-CAP RoHS Compliant: Yes Newark Electronics