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BQ24075T Evaluation Module
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Series Information for BQ24075TEVM - Texas Instruments


  • feature
    100mA Maximum Current Limit Ensures Compliance to USB-IF Standard
  • feature
    28V Input Rating with Over-voltage Protection
  • feature
    Battery Disconnect Function with SYSOFF Input
  • feature
    Flexible Voltage Based NTC Thermistor Input
  • feature
    Fully Compliant USB Charger
  • feature
    Input based Dynamic Power Management (VIN- DPM) for Protection Against Poor USB Sources
  • feature
    Integrated Dynamic Power Path Management (DPPM) Function Simultaneously and Independently Powers the System and Charges the Battery
  • feature
    Programmable Input Current Limit up to 1.5A for Wall Adapters
  • feature
    Proprietary Start Up Sequence Limits Inrush Current
  • feature
    Reverse Current, Short-Circuit and Thermal Protection
  • feature
    Selectable 100mA and 500mA Maximum Input Current
  • feature
    Small 3 mm u00d7 3 mm 16 Lead VQFN Package
  • feature
    Status Indication u2013 Charging/Done, Power Good
  • feature
    Supports up to 1.5A Charge Current with Current Monitoring Output (ISET)
  • feature
    System Output Tracks Battery Voltage (bq24072T)


The bq2407xT series of devices are integrated Li-ion linear chargers and system power path management devices targeted at space-limited portable applications. The devices operate from either a USB port or AC adapter and support charge currents up to 1.5A. The input voltage range with input over-voltage protection supports unregulated adapters. The USB input current limit accuracy and start up sequence allow the bq2407xT to meet USB-IF inrush current specification. Additionally, the input dynamic power management (VIN - DPM) prevents the charger from crashing incorrectly configure USB sources.


Kit Application Type:
Power Management - Battery
Application Sub Type:
Battery Charger
Silicon Core Number:
Silicon Manufacturer:
Texas Instruments
Kit Contents:
Eval Board BQ24075
Product Range:
No SVHC (27-Jun-2018)
1.5A of Continuous Current Fully Compliant USB Charger Dynamic Power Management 28V Vin with OVP

Alternate Descriptions

Avnet America

Evaluation Board For 1.5-A Single-Chip Li-Ion And Li-Polymer Charge Management IC

Avnet America product

Texas Instruments

BQ24075T Evaluation Module

Texas Instruments product