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BQ24075EVM by Texas Instruments

Part Information
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RoHS Compliant
The bq2407x series of devices are integrated Li-Ion linear chargers and system power path management devices targeted at space-limited portable applications. The devices operate from either a USB port or an AC adapter and support charge currents up to 1.5 A. The input voltage range with input overvoltage protection supports unregulated adapters. The USB input current limit accuracy and start up sequence allow the bq2407x to meet USB-IF inrush current specifications. Additionally, the input dynamic power management (VIN-DPM) prevents the charger from crashing incorrectly configured USB sources. The bq2407x features dynamic power path management (DPPM) that powers the system while simultaneously and independently charging the battery. The DPPM circuit reduces the charge current when the input current limit causes the system output to fall to the DPPM threshold; thus, supplying the system load at all times while monitoring the charge current separately. This feature reduces the number of charge and discharge cycles on the battery, allows for proper charge termination and enables the system to run with a defective or absent battery pack.
Kit Application Type:
Power Management - Battery
Application Sub Type:
Battery Charger
Silicon Core Number:
Silicon Manufacturer:
Texas Instruments
Kit Contents:
Eval Board BQ24075
Product Range:
No SVHC (27-Jun-2018)
1.5A of Continuous Current Fully Compliant USB Charger Dynamic Power Management 28V Vin with OVP
Alternate Descriptions
Evaluation Board For 1.5A USB-Friendly Li-Ion Battery Charger And Power-Path Management IC Avnet America
Evaluation Board For 1.5A USB-Friendly Li-Ion Battery Charger And Power-Path Management IC Avnet Europe
BQ24075 Evaluation Module Texas Instruments