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    1) BVCEO minimum is 30V (IC=1mA) 2) Complements the BC858B / BC858BW. zExternal dimensions (Unit : mm) BC848BW ROHM : UMT3 EIAJ : SC-70 (1) Emitter (2) Base (3) Collector (1) Emitter (2) Base (3) Collector ROHM : SST3 BC848B, BC848C 0~0.1 (2) (1) (3) 0.1~0.4 2.1 u00b1 0.1 1.25 u00b1 0.1 0.9u00b10.1 0.2 0.7u00b10.1 0.15u00b10.05 0.3 2.0u00b10.2 1.3u00b10.1 0.65 0.65 +0.1 u22120 All terminals have same dimensions All terminals have same dimensions 0~0.1 0.2Min. 2.4 u00b1 0.2 1.3 0.95 0.45u00b10.1 0.15 0.4 2.9u00b10.2 1.9u00b10.2 0.95 0.95 +0.2 u22120.1 u22120.1 +0.2 +0.1 u22120.06 +0.1 u22120.05 (2) (1) (3) zAbsolute maximum ratings (Ta=25u00b0C) Parameter Symbol VCBO VCEO VEBO IC Tj Tstg Limits 30 30 5 0.1 0.35 150 u221265~+150 Unit V V V A PC 0.2 0.2 W W W u00b0C u00b0C Collector-base voltage Collector-emitter voltage Emitter-base voltage Collector current Junction temperature BC848BW BC848B Storage temperature Collector power dissipation u2217 When mounted on a 7u00d75u00d70.6mm ceramic board. u2217 zElectrical characteristics (Ta=25u00b0C) Parameter Conditions IC=50u00b5A IC=1mA IE=50u00b5A VCB=30V VCB=30V, Ta=150u00b0C IC/IB=100mA/5mA IC/IB=10mA/0.5mA VCE/IC=5V/10mA VCE=5V, IE=u221220mA, f=100MHz VCB=10V, IE=0, f=1MHz VEB=0.5V, IE=0, f=1MHz Typ. u2212 u2212 u2212 u2212 u2212 u2212 u2212 u2212 200 3 8 u2212 VCE/IC=5V/2mA Symbol BVCBO BVCEO BVEBO ICBO VBE(on) VCE(sat) fT Cob Cib hFE Min. 30 30 5 u2212 u2212 0.58 u2212 u2212 u2212 u2212 u2212 200 Max. u2212 u2212 u2212 100 5 0.77 0.6 0.25 u2212 u2212 u2212 450 Unit V V V u00b5A nA V V MHz pF pF u2212 (SPEC-C22) Collector-base breakdown voltage Collector-emitter breakdown voltage Emitter-base breakdown voltage Collector cutoff current Base-emitter saturation voltage Collector-emitter saturation voltage Transition frequency Collector output capacitance Collector output capacitance DC current transfer ratio SOT-323 SOT-23


TRANS NPN 30V 0.1A 150DEG C 0.2W


Transistor Polarity:
Collector Emitter Voltage V(br)ceo:
Transition Frequency ft:
Power Dissipation Pd:
DC Collector Current:
DC Current Gain hFE:
Transistor Case Style:
No. of Pins:
Operating Temperature Max:
Product Range:
Automotive Qualification Standard:
MSL 1 - Unlimited
No SVHC (27-Jun-2018)

Alternate Descriptions

Avnet America

Trans GP BJT NPN 30V 0.1A 3-Pin UMT T/R

Avnet Europe

Trans GP BJT NPN 30V 0.1A 3-Pin UMT T/R

Avnet Asia

Trans GP BJT NPN 30V 0.1A 3-Pin UMT T/R

Future Electronics

BC848BW Series 30 V 100 mA SMT NPN General Purpose Transistor - SC-70