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    All sensor drivers available within the Atmel AVR Software Framework
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    Drivers incl
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    High precision Bosch Sensortec digital pressure sensor (BMP085)
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    Integrated temperature sensing


The Atmel Sensors Xplained series of development boards and software are designed to be plug compatible with all Atmel Xplain MCU boards, providing a wide range of microcontroller performance depending on the application needs. Atmel has partnered with leading suppliers of accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, pressure, and light sensors to provide a range of sensor boards that enable easy evaluation and development with a wide range of Atmel controller solutions. To accelerate development with these sensor-based solutions, Atmel has worked with its partners to make the necessary sensor drivers available as part of the Atmel AVR Studio® development environment and the AVR Software Framework. The drivers are available directly from Atmel, and provide basic interface functionality with both raw data and calibrated engineering unit outputs integrated into a standard API. The Atmel Pressure One Sensors Xplained development board provides access to the latest generation of precision digital barometric pressure sensors. 8-bit Microcontrollers Application Note Rev. 8355A-AVR-12/10


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Gyro & Pressure Sensors
Kit Contents:
Evaluation Boards Software User Guide
Product Range:
No SVHC (15-Jan-2018)
Compatible with all Atmel AVR Xplain MCU Boards Integrated Temperature Sensing

Alternate Descriptions

Avnet America

Pressure One Sensor Board Delivers A Platform

Avnet Europe

Pressure One Sensor Board Delivers A Platform