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Automotive 16-Bit 2kSPS 8-Ch ADC for Precision Sensor Measurement
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  • feature
    8 General-Purpose I/Os
  • feature
    AEC-Q100 Qualified with the Following Results: u2013 Temperature Grade 1: u201340u00b0C to +125u00b0C u2013 HBM ESD Classification 2 u2013 CDM ESD Classification C5
  • feature
    Analog Multiplexer With 8 Independently Selectable Inputs
  • feature
    Analog Supply: Unipolar (2.7 V to 5.25 V) or Bipolar (u00b12.5 V)
  • feature
    Digital Supply: 2.7 V to 5.25 V
  • feature
    Dual-Matched Programmable Excitation Current Sources: 50 u00b5A to 1.5 mA
  • feature
    Internal 2.048-V Voltage Reference
  • feature
    Internal 4.096-MHz Oscillator
  • feature
    Internal Temperature Sensor
  • feature
    Open Sensor Detection
  • feature
    Power-Supply and External Reference Monitoring
  • feature
    Programmable Data Rates: 5 SPS to 2 kSPS
  • feature
    Programmable Gain: 1 V/V to 128 V/V
  • feature
    Qualified for Automotive Applications
  • feature
    SPI-Compatible Serial Interface
  • feature
    Self and System Calibration
  • feature
    Single-Cycle Settling for All Data Rates


The ADS1148-Q1 is a highly-integrated, precision, 16-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) that includes many integrated features to reduce system cost and component count for sensor measurement applications. The device features a low-noise, programmable gain amplifier (PGA), a precision delta-sigma (ΔΣ) ADC with a single-cycle settling digital filter, and an internal oscillator. The ADS1148-Q1 integrates a low-drift voltage reference, and two matched programmable excitation current sources (IDACs). The device offers a fully flexible multiplexer that allows both positive and negative inputs to be selected independently. In addition, the multiplexer integrates sensor burn-out detection, voltage bias for thermocouples, system monitoring, and eight generalpurpose digital I/Os (GPIOs). The PGA provides selectable gains up to 128 V/V. These features provide a complete front-end solution for temperature sensor measurement applications, including thermocouples, thermistors, and resistance temperature detectors (RTDs), and other small-signal measurements. The digital filter settles in a single cycle to support fast channel cycling when using the input multiplexer and provides data rates up to 2 kSPS. For data rates of 20 SPS or less, both the 50-Hz and 60-Hz interference are rejected by the filter.


Resolution (Bits):
Sampling Rate:
Input Channel Type:
Differential Single Ended
Data Interface:
Supply Voltage Type:
Single Dual (+/-)
Supply Voltage Min:
Supply Voltage Max:
ADC / DAC Case Style:
No. of Pins:
Operating Temperature Min:
Operating Temperature Max:
Product Range:
16 bit Precision ADC
Automotive Qualification Standard:
RoHS Phthalates Compliant:
MSL 3 - 168 hours
No SVHC (27-Jun-2018)

Alternate Descriptions

Avnet America

ADC Single Delta-Sigma 2ksps 16-Bit Serial 28-Pin TSSOP T/R

Avnet America product

Avnet Europe

ADC Single Delta-Sigma 2ksps 16-Bit Serial 28-Pin TSSOP T/R

Avnet Europe product

Texas Instruments

Automotive 16-Bit 2kSPS 8-Ch ADC for Precision Sensor Measurement

Texas Instruments product